June 21, 2020
Nancy Pelosi's COVID-19 Precautions Have Caused A Major Boom For One Virginia Boutique

One Alexandria, Virginia clothing boutique owner, Chris Lewis, owes much of his new business to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who put his store on the map due to the face masks she's purchased from him.

Pelosi has been seen numerous times in photographs, press conferences, and television interviews while wearing masks that coordinate with her outfits. According to CNN, those masks are from the boutique Donna Lewis in Alexandria.

Lewis, who named the boutique after his wife, made a few masks out of fine fabrics, somewhat on a lark, thinking they might come in handy during the early stages of the pandemic.

"We were making masks for our regular customers who might want them," said Lewis.

"At first, it wasn't so serious, it was just for fun."
Lewis said that he didn't ever think it would be a big seller, but then Pelosi, who is a regular customer, asked him for a few.

"She said, 'Chris, pick me out some, send me about four or five,'" said Lewis.

"Since then, whoosh, like a rocket -- it's been overwhelming."
The high-profile politician has been wearing the masks, which have the Donna Lewis tag on the outside, all around Capitol Hill, usually in a color or print that matches her well-tailored outfits, and it's been getting attention in more than just the United States.

"Oh, all over. Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Europe," said Lewis, going on to divulge that he has had requests from all around the globe, saying that Pelosi's fans spread far and wide.

"She has quite a following."
The shop owner said that he has sold at least 6,000 of his popular masks, at $22 apiece. However, they're not just helping those who wear them. Lewis is also donating one mask to Johns Hopkins Hospital for every mask he sells.
Not all of the ladies of Capitol Hill have chosen to get quite as creative with their face coverings, however. First Lady Melania Trump has yet to be seen out in public in anything beyond what appears to be disposable medical masks, according to CNN. The one exception was when she wore a non-disposable mask in a video to demonstrate the face-covering guidelines in April of this year.

Daughter and presidential adviser Ivanka Trump has been photographed in some patterned fabrics and some basic black masks. According to CNN, one White House official noted that Trump's masks were all made in the United States.

President Donald Trump has rarely been seen in a mask, something that hasn't sat well with many Americans. Singer Bruce Springsteen lashed out at the president recently, telling Trump in no uncertain terms that he should be covering his face while the coronavirus is still spreading.