‘The Challenge’ Star Nia Moore Addresses Criticisms Over Friendship With Jordan Wiseley

Jordan Wiseley competes on The Challenge: Total Madness

The Real World: Portland stars Nia Moore and Jordan Wiseley have had quite the relationship over the last seven years, and what started with hate has now turned to love. The duo recently sat down for two live discussions on social media to talk about their fight seven years ago, where Jordan used the N-word and imitated a monkey while fighting with Nia, who is a black woman. With MTV firing a slew of their stars lately for racially insensitive comments on social media, many Challenge viewers have been asking for Jordan to be fired as well.

Nia is now addressing criticism for sitting down with Jordan in what many are calling a publicity stunt. After the pair sat down Friday night on AfterBuzz TV, Nia shared some more sentiments on her Twitter feed, noting she heard and saw everything fans had been saying about their conversations.

“I hear everyone’s perspective on the convo Jordan and I had. I respect and acknowledge all points of view. I am not interested in swaying anyone to feel a certain way. But the context, the time that elapsed since then, & the growth that was allowed to happen because of it matters,” she wrote.

Jordan and Nia’s issues carried over to The Challenge after they appeared on Battle of the Exes II together. Nia was eventually disqualified from the game after she touched Jordan inappropriately during a heated argument. Despite their issues in the past, they have mended fences and become good friends who care for one another.

“That is why I asked him to come and discuss this publicly last night and today. We aren’t on a press tour, and we aren’t denying how painful this was for us or you all. We are healed, and better for it. And we both think the world needs to see this right now. How far we came,” she later explained.

In the wake of protests and the Black Lives Matter movement, Jordan and Nia wanted to show how people of different races could learn and grow together after having such a difficult starting point.

Nia then addressed her followers and fans of the shows saying they allowed her to grow and saw her true heart, hinting that people should do the same for Jordan. The former Challenger said she hoped people could see Jordan the way she does but that she understood why people feel the way they feel about the situation given the current state of the world.

MTV has not made any comments about firing Jordan at this time. He and fiancée Tori Deal have noted that they want to keep competing on Challenge seasons over the next few years, and for now, it seems their jobs with the network are safe.