June 21, 2020
Amy Schumer Offers Support To Women Speaking Out About Sexual Harassment In Comedy

Comedienne Amy Schumer took to Instagram on Saturday evening to offer her support to women who are speaking out about sexual harassment in the comedy world. In the post, which was a snap of a block of text, Schumer applauded the women who are "brave" enough to talk about the sexual harassment they've endured at the hands of male comedians. Schumer said she was especially proud of the women who were speaking up about the abuse they endured when they were underage.

The comedienne went on to say that "there are great men out there," but there are also lots of men who "abuse women and girls" for various reasons. She unequivocally stated that no matter what the reasons were, the behavior was unacceptable and that she will stand with the accusers so they know they're not alone. She also let the male comedians who engage in this kind of behavior know that she has her eyes on them and that she will expose their unacceptable behavior whenever she sees it happening.

She ended the post by offering to be a compassionate listener for anyone who wanted to talk about the harassment they'd endured in the industry. She offered to "help as best I can." Schumer even posted her phone number in her bio so that people could reach out to her.

Within hours, the post accumulated thousands of likes and comments. Several high-profile actresses and comedians applauded Schumer for offering her support and calling out abusive men within the industry. Fans also expressed their appreciation for the fact that Schumer was willing to put her personal information out there so that people could talk to her about their experiences.

One Instagram user said, "I don't know if that's your actual number or not. And I won't clog it up testing it. But, either way, I think it's pretty impressive to give access that way. And reaching out to help like this is so admirable. Thanks for being awesome."

"Wow that literally made me cry thank you for doing that," said another Instagram user.

Schumer's show of support comes days after several women accused comedian Chris D'Elia of sexual harassment. Simoné Rossi, a fellow comedian, was the first woman to publicly accuse D'Elia. Rossi posted screenshots of messages between her and D'Elia on her Twitter, saying that they were part of an extensive grooming process D'Elia engaged her in when she was only 16 years old. Rossi added that she was not the only underage girl D'Elia had victimized in this way.

Because of Rossi's accusations, D'Elia's name started trending on Twitter, and several other women started to speak up about their experiences with him.

D'Elia has denied all the allegations against him.