June 20, 2020
NCAA Football News: 23 Clemson Players Test Positive For Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly affected many people around the world, and it appears to have done a number on Clemson University. At least 28 athletes and staff members from the university have tested positive for the coronavirus, and that includes 23 football players. Two of those football players tested positive from the initial round of testing that took place last week.

All of the tests that came out positive for COVID-19 were taken when the student-athletes and staff were allowed to return to campus two weeks ago.

According to CNN, all who tested positive have been isolated for at least 10 days. Those who have come into close contact with the individuals were asked to self-quarantine for 14 days.

A statement released by the school on Friday revealed that the 28 positives came from a total number of 315 tests. The number of tests per sport was not broken down into exact details, but the football team brought about the highest number.

Out of the 23 positive tests for the football team, 21 are players and two are staff members. During the school's initial run of 169 tests, there was also one men's basketball player who tested positive for the coronavirus.

The second round of tests was done at Clemson since more student-athletes began returning to campus. With soccer and volleyball players heading back, it was necessary for secondary testing to begin. Based on those who showed symptoms and the people who had been in contact with them, more testing was deemed necessary.

Clemson has reported that the majority of those with a positive test were asymptomatic. Not a single person has required hospitalization as of this time, but they are closely being monitored.

On Friday, the University of Tennessee reported one male student-athlete tested positive for coronavirus. This came after several members of both the men's and women's basketball teams had tests administered to them.

The Inquisitr brought about even more coronavirus news on Saturday, and this came from LSU. Thirty players from the Tigers' football team landed in quarantine over the last week. Not all tested positive, but were quarantined due to coming in contact with those who tested positive for COVID-19.

LSU began voluntary workouts on June 9, and many of them are still awaiting their test results.

Clemson University is far from the only school to have positive cases, but it does have one of the most significant numbers. On Saturday, Kansas State suspended all football works for the next two weeks after 14 of 130 student-athletes tested positive for the coronavirus.