Krissy Cela Powers Through Weightlifting Workout In New Instagram Videos

Krissy Cela poses for a selfie
Krissy Cela / Instagram

Krissy Cela shared a new series of weightlifting videos with her 2.2 million Instagram followers on Saturday.

Dressed in a white sports bra and green leggings, the British fitness trainer struck a couple of poses in the first video, turning her back to the camera at one point to showcase her toned glutes. After that, she flexed her biceps and quadriceps.

In the second clip, Krissy performed a set of deadlifts. She assumed a wide-legged stance as she started and then bent her knees and leaned forward to pick up the barbell in front of her. She held the weight with an underhand grip on one side and overhand grip on the other. After that, she straightened her back and her legs as she lifted the barbell. Krissy went on to perform 11 additional repetitions.

The next clip saw Krissy brace her back against a bench for a set of hip thrusts. She placed the barbell across her pelvis and started with her knees and glutes raised. Then she lowered her hips and raised them again, pausing at the top of the exercise before she lowered them once more.

In the last video of the series, Krissy ended the workout with Bulgarian split squats. For this exercise, she placed one foot on a bench behind her. With a dumbbell in each hand, she bent both knees. After several repetitions, she switched legs and repeated the move.

In her caption, Krissy wrote that she has been working on new routines for her Tone and Sculpt fitness app, sharing that she has been mixing “high intensity challenges” and longer workouts with compound movements. Krissy also teased that she plans to add new fitness programs to the app soon.

The new post has been liked more than 60,000 times and over 500 Instagram users have commented on it. In those comments, fans shared their positive reactions to Krissy’s videos.

“That figure is looking on point!! Who says you can’t keep that dream bod during lockdown? ” one person wrote before adding a string of heart-eye emoji to their comment.

“Your body is serious goals and I love the leggings,” another Instagram user wrote.

Other fans complimented Krissy’s Tone and Sculpt fitness app.

“So excited! This app is literally life changing! Also, so comforting to know we have a trainer that is so dedicated and committed to bringing us new things all of the time!!” a third supporter gushed.

“Miss sumo deadlifts with a barbell so much,” a fourth follower commented. “Can’t wait for this new new you are working on.”