June 20, 2020
Donald Trump Coronavirus 'Death Clock' Truck Arrives At Tulsa Ahead Of Rally

Ahead of the Donald Trump's rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Saturday evening, the "Trump Death Clock" arrived to mark the occasion, The Hill reported. The clock displays real-time statistics on the coronavirus deaths in the United States and is placed outside the Bank of Oklahoma Center, where the president's rally will kick-off at 7 p.m. Central Time.

The truck is the work of award-winning filmmaker Eugene Jarecki, a Trump critic who previously had the tally on a billboard in Times Square.

"We want everyone who attends Trump's rally to have an opportunity to make an informed choice based on real numbers," Jarecki said.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the number of coronavirus cases in the United States is nearing 2.2 million, with over 118,000 deaths. Jarecki's clock points the finger at Trump for these numbers using data from the Trump Death Clock webpage.

"Experts estimate that, had mitigation measures been implemented one week earlier, 60% of American COVID-19 deaths would have been avoided," the page reads.

According to the tracker, approximately 71,700 American deaths could have been saved if the president's administration responded to the pandemic sooner. In response to such criticism, Trump called his administration's response "great" and pointed to his decision to implement travel restrictions on China.
"If I didn't do that early call on China — and nobody wanted that to happen. Everybody thought it was just unnecessary to do it."
As reported by USA Today, experts worry that Trump's Tulsa rally will become a "super spreader" event. Bruce Dart, the executive director of the Tulsa Health Department, warned rally-goers that each person in attendance is putting themselves at risk of contracting COVID-19.
"I know so many people are over COVID, but COVID is not over. It's transmitting very efficiently in our community."
Notably, on Saturday, Tulsa County reported a daily high in coronavirus spikes, with a reported 225 new cases in Oklahoma, per The Hill.

According to CNN, a local official estimated that approximately 100,000 people would show up to the venue, which has a capacity of more than 19,000 people. Dr. Jonathan Reiner, a longtime cardiologist to former Vice President Dick Cheney, claimed that Trump's decision to hold the rally constitutes criminal endangerment. During an appearance on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, Reiner suggested that people attending the event would not be able to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations of social distancing and noted that the event does not require attendees to wear masks, which is also against CDC recommendations.