Rachel Ward Rocks A Skimpy Pink Bikini As She Lounges On A Blanket

Rachel Ward shared another amazing photo on Instagram.

Rachel Ward snapping a selfie.
Rachel Ward / Instagram

Rachel Ward shared another amazing photo on Instagram.

Rachel Ward gave her 602,000 Instagram followers a glimpse of her amazing physique on Saturday as she posted another sexy photo of herself. The blond bombshell looked like she was ready for the first day of summer as she relaxed while wearing a stunning light pink bikini.

Lounging on a white blanket that was lying on the ground, Rachel wore a two-piece baby pink swimsuit that flaunted her amazing bod. The bralette-style bikini top had straps that fitted over her shoulders. It also had a slight band under her bosom with the material gathered toward the middle to give it some pizzazz.

The way that she was positioned made some cleavage spill over the top. The swimwear bottoms dipped at a sharp angle well below her navel to expose her flat tummy. The leg openings crept high onto her hips with thin strips of material holding it up on each side, which showed off her tanned thighs. Rachel indicated in her caption that the pink bikini was from the Oh Polly brand.

In the Instagram snap, Rachel appeared to be gazing at something off in the distance. Her head was turned slightly with one arm behind her head and the other lying by her side. One leg was bent with her toes embedded into the soft blanket. Her other leg was extended straight out.

The only jewelry that could be seen in the snapshot was a watch around her wrist and a necklace with what looked to be a pendant lying on her chest. Rachel’s blond locks were pulled back into an easy ponytail with a white scrunchie to keep it in place. She left a strand of hair on the side of her face for the photo.

Rachel’s makeup selection appeared to consist of heavy black eyeliner and mascara, smoky eyeshadow on her lids, and a pale pink on her plump lips.

Lying beside her on the blanket was a big straw hat with a black band around the top, a tan tote bag with a few items inside, and a single lemon. The blanket was spread out in a grassy area.

Her Instagram followers loved this recent snap and they told her so by sending her plenty of heart emoji.

Rachel Ward seems to wow her followers with many pics of herself in some of her fashion faves. Just a few days ago, she stunned wearing a blue one-piece swimsuit that also flaunted her flawless frame.