WrestleMania Burns Caused By Dry Ice, Says Triple H

Wrestler Triple H suffered some bad burns during WrestleMania this weekend.

The wrestler was making his entrance this at MetLife Stadium when he was hit by a strange white substance.

Triple H was walking through fog at the time which was apparently created with dry ice. Some of the material stuck to the wrestler’s skin and gave him second degree burns.

During the event, wrestling fans started wondering about what was stuck to Triple H’s skin but no one thought that the wrestler was in the process of getting second degree burns. Why? Because Triple H continued his entrance like nothing had happened.

It wasn’t until a few days later that the wrestler wrote on Twitter that he had suffered some serious burns at WrestleMania.

The wrestler said that he got second degree burns on his arms and torso from the dry ice.

Triple H wrote: “For those wondering… Stuff stuck to me at mania was dry ice. Gave me 2nd degree burns on torso & arms”

Here’s a video of Triple H’s entrance at WrestleMania.

Are you surprised that Triple H continued his entrance after he was burned at WrestleMania?