Bri Teresi Rocks The Hot Tub In A Miniscule Bikini Top

Model Bri Teresi attends GUESS Kicks-off Holiday Season
Presley Ann / Getty Images

For the second consecutive day, Snapchat star and model Bri Teresi enthralled her 984,000 followers on Instagram with a photo update in which she posed while lounging in a hot tub. And much like her previous post, little was done for Teresi’s June 20 snapshot to obscure her slender and stimulating body from the camera’s lens.

With her latest offering, Teresi elected to reveal even more of herself as she ditched her zip-up one-piece from the previous photo for a black bikini set. The top in the new pic managed to hide just a fraction of her prominent bustline in the shot.

As the picture was taken, Teresi focused her gaze directly at the camera with her amber-brown eyes wide open and her full, pink-hued lips protruding slightly. Her wavy blond hair flowed out from its dark roots and largely rested to one side, draping over her shoulder.

Although her lower body was mostly obscured by the rippling water, the former Maxim cover model and Guess girl’s upper half was in full view in the medium close-up photo. Near the center of the frame, the alabaster skin of her tight bosom, shoulder, and collar area was left bare.

The black, semi-triangular pieces of fabric that made up her bikini top were all that prevented her upper NSFW zone from being exposed. The garment was held together by a series of ultra-thin, see-through straps.

In the background of the shot, green leafy trees were visible just beyond the light blue edge of the hot tub and the white walls with blue borders that were nearby.

Although Teresi has been affectionately dubbed the “Queen of Snapchat,” her following on Instagram continues to grow, and updates to her feed are generating significant response. Such was the case once again with her latest offering, which had accrued more than 6,000 likes and inspired hundreds of comments within two hours of going live. Fans weren’t shy about voicing their approval for the pic.

“I’m jealous of that water,” commented one fan in reference to the hot tub.

“God that stare. Either someone got caught looking down or that’s a stare of desire,” wrote a second admirer, adding a fire emoji.

“You look like Dale Bozzio here,” opined another commenter, referring to the Missing Persons singer and former Playboy Bunny.

The Inquisitr shared Teresi’s previous hot tub snapshot on June 19. That photo, which asked “Wanna join?” in the accompanying caption, offered fans a more detailed look at the 25-year-old’s sinuous figure.