Sofie Dossi Rocks Sparkly Bikini In Dance Video With Jake Clark, & Fans Can't Quit Talking About Tony Lopez

Sofie Dossi teamed up with musician Jake Clark to create some fun new content for her TikTok page, but all many of her 7.2 million followers could talk about is how much they want her to date Hype House member Tony Lopez.

On Friday, Sofie, 18, shared a video of herself and Jake, 19, dancing together on the beach. Sofie was rocking a black bikini constructed out of a woven metallic fabric that glittered as she moved. Her bandeau-style top featured a single thin shoulder strap and an asymmetrical neckline.

Her matching bottoms had slinky side straps that were stretched up high on her hips and a low scoop front that showcased her sculpted stomach.

Sofie accessorized her eye-catching swimsuit with a pair of large silver hoop earrings. She wore her long, thick curls down with a deep side part. It looked as if she was wearing some makeup, including dark eyeshadow, mascara, and pink lip gloss.

Jake wore a pair of bright yellow swim trunks for the dance routine, which took place in front of a backdrop of rolling waves and a dark, cloudy sky. However, no rain fell as the duo performed a choreographed routine to "The Bottle Beat" by Ricky Desktop. The instrumental song began with music that sounded like glass bottles being hit with sticks, and Jake and Sofie both made drumming movements to the beat.

The pair performed other moves that were timed with the tune's many sound effects, which included breaking glass, dripping water, and the sound of a soda can being opened. Jake and Sofie laughed as they danced, and they looked like they were having a blast.

Since it was initially uploaded, Sofie's video has racked up over 191,000 likes. She also received plenty of praise in the comments section, but a large number of remarks were about Tony. Some of her fans begged her date the Hype House star, while others joked that he might not be happy about seeing her in a video with another guy.

"I ship you and Tony together," read one fan's response.

"Tony punching the air," another user wrote.

"Tony and you should date and the ship name should be Sony," a third comment read.

"Tony will be MAD if he sees this video," a fourth fan remarked.

Sofie didn't respond to any of the comments about Tony, but he recently talked to The Hollywood Fix about her. He was hanging out with Nikita Dragun on Friday when he was asked about Sofie, and he confessed that he's crushing on her "a little bit."

Sofie rose to fame on America's Got Talent, where she demonstrated her incredible contortion skills. She went on to amass a huge following on multiple social media platforms.

As reported by The Inquisitr, she and Kelianne Stankus recently teamed up for an impressive acrobatic stunt that was a big hit on TikTok.