New iPad Leaked Photos Hit Internet

Are you enjoying your new iPad? Well, get ready to throw it in the trash because Apple is working on a new tablet. New iPad photos leaked this week that show a thinner bezel.

The image seemingly confirms rumors that Apple will be redesigning the iPad 5.

The redesign isn’t drastic and resembles the iPad Mini. The thinner side bezels will make the new iPad slightly smaller while maintaining the 9.7 inch screen.

Of course, the new iPad leaked photos, which were obtained by the blog, haven’t been confirmed by Apple so you should take the new report with a little bit of skepticism.

According to The Latino Post, Apple hasn’t started production on the iPad 5 yet. The company will reportedly start building the new iPad this Summer.

What do you think about the new iPad photos? Do you like the thinner bezels?

Of course, if the photos are authentic and Apple is releasing a new iPad size (even if it still has the same screen size) let’s hope that they decide to name it something other than the iPad 5. I don’t know, maybe the iPad Mini Mega.

Here’s a photo of the new iPad 5 bezel.

ipad leaked photo