Grandma Allegedly Steals Galaxy Tablet From Panera Bread Customer [Surveillance Video]

A grandmother eating at a Panera Bread restaurant allegedly walked off with a Samsung Galaxy Tablet that another customer accidentally left behind.

The incident at a Burlington, Mass., Panera Bread outlet, occurred in September, but local police uploaded the video to YouTube a few days ago. The good news is that the after the police posted the video into the public domain, someone else turned in the tablet at the police station. Police are still investigating and are hoping that the video will lead to the identification of the suspect or her companions.

By coincidence, the victim's tablet cover was reportedly a Vera Bradley product as is the suspect's purse. "The video shows an older woman bringing food to a table. The younger woman at her table points out the tablet. The older woman grabs it, then snags a chair from another table, puts the tablet on the chair and her purse on top of it. She pauses, takes a bite from her salad, then rearranges the items on the chair, putting the tablet into her purse, which the victim recognized as a Vera Bradley bag."

The rightful owner, small business proprietor Regina Sanchez, said she accidentally left the $500 device behind after a meeting. Of the suspect, who she assumed would be a teenager, Sanchez remarked that "That looks like a grandma! It's despicable. She was good. She looked like a master thief. The hard part about this is I earned that tablet. I'm a single mom, trying to get on my feet. I can't replace it."

About the alleged grandma tablet thief, Burlington police Lt. Glen Mills similarly commented that "Criminals just do stuff like that. It's kind of natural for them to do things like that. We're not like that. If you're a good person you would feel bad and you'd be really nervous. For them it's just kind of natural. Most of the people that we catch committing crimes are younger. It's something most people grow out of as they get older. They usually know better when they get older."

Does it surprise you that a grandmother rather than a teen is a suspect in the Panera Bread tablet theft?