June 20, 2020
Kayla Moody Gets Steamy In Revealing Underwear On Instagram

Hot military wife Kayla Moody tantalized fans this morning with a NSFW view of her hourglass curves, sharing a spicy Instagram upload that is proving to be the perfect pick-me-up for her early-rising followers. In the photo, the scantily clad model could be seen facing the camera with a sultry gaze as she lifted up her top to expose some major underboob.

Kayla wore a cropped white T-shirt that cut off at the chest line. The buxom blonde kicked things up a notch by opting to go braless under the clingy top, which fit so tightly across her bosom it left barely anything to the imagination. She ditched her pants in favor of a minuscule white thong, which had no trouble showing off her hips and thighs thanks to its incredibly high cut. The skimpy item had thin side straps that were pulled high on her hip bones, accentuating her taut figure. Meanwhile, the low waistline fell far past her belly button, baring her flat tummy.

The American beauty wore her hair down and parted on the side, letting her long, platinum-blond tresses brush over her shoulder in sleek strands. Her makeup was also on point, as Kayla appeared to be rocking dark eyeshadow, eyeliner, and long lashes in addition to her signature pink lip gloss. Her cheeks looked perfectly highlighted and contoured, and her sculpted brows were several shades darker than her golden mane. She accessorized with a stylish manicure, showing off her long, flat nails as she pulled up the T-shirt to flash her voluptuous assets.

The busty model flaunted her killer curves while posing behind a black leather couch. The angle only showed a glimpse of her legs, keeping the focus on her toned midriff and chiseled waist. The simple interior also included white walls and a glass door that appeared covered with black drapes. Sunlight from a nearby window illuminated her hip, lending a sexy sheen to her supple, fair skin.

"Good morning," Kayla wrote in her caption, adding a sunshine emoji.

A geotag identified the location of Kayla's photo as Las Vegas, Nevada, suggesting that the pic could have been taken during her trip to Sin City earlier this year. Kayla credited the shot to boudoir photographer Stephen Bagley, who accompanied her on the Las Vegas getaway in February.

Unsurprisingly, the steamy upload immediately caught the attention of her fans, garnering more than 7,100 likes and 230-plus messages within the first hour of going live.

"Wow and good morning to you as well beautiful," commented one of her admirers, adding a hundred-points emoji.

"Good morning lovely. You look very good today and always," penned a second follower, leaving a string of flattering emoji.

"Good morning beautiful have a great day," read a third message, trailed by three hearts.

"Sensationally gorgeous @kaylamoody," gushed a fourth Instagrammer, ending with a heart-eyes emoji.