Fitness Model Jeanette Jenkins Wears All-Pink Spandex Outfit For Cardio Workout Video

Jeanette Jenkins takes a mirror selfie in a swimsuit.
Jeanette Jenkins / Instagram

Fitness model Jeanette Jenkins took to popular social media site Instagram on Friday, June 19, to post a new cardio workout video that targeted the core, glutes, and booty.

For the Instagram routine, the fitness trainer wore a spandex outfit that emphasized her gym-honed physique. On her upper half, she wore a long-sleeved shirt that ended at the top of her rib cage, showing off a small strip of toned tummy. She paired the top with leggings that included a thick waistband and rode high on her hips. The leggings contoured to her lower body, giving her followers a view of her sculpted backside and legs. Both the top and bottoms included gradient shades of orange and pink.

Jeanette chose a pair of white sneakers for footwear and added a light pink exercise watch to complete the outfit. She pulled her long, dark tresses up into a bun that sat high on her head and appeared to have made up her face with black mascara and eyeliner, eye shadow, and lip gloss. The model also showed off a set of manicured hot pink nails.

The workout included 10 cardio exercises that Jeanette demonstrated in a park. She used a blue exercise mat for equipment, relying on body weight for resistance.

The workout began with star jacks, a variation on the more common jumping jack, and then moved into high knees. Jeanette dropped to the floor for a round of mountain climbers that included an extra move at the end, which involved the model pulling one knee across her body to touch the opposite elbow. The trainer then performed a second set of mountain climbers with the addition of toe touches.

Jeanette showed her followers how to do side kicks, followed by sumo squats and then performed a series of long-arm and long-leg abductions. Cross torso repeater knees came next, followed by squats to plank and squat thrusts. Jeanette got her heart pumping with several lateral shuffle cross touches before demonstrating toe touches, single-leg lowers with rotation, and flutter kicks. The final exercise in the routine was the side plank reach over and under.

In the caption of the post, Jeanette told her followers about her Summer Body Bootcamp, available on The Hollywood Trainer Club website. She added that it was currently day 12 of the challenge. The post earned several thousand likes and dozens of comments from adoring fans within the first day.

“All of your videos make me smile. Love your energy!” one Instagram user wrote in the comments section.