June 20, 2020
NFL Rumors: New England Patriots Identified As Potential Landing Spot For Josh Gordon If He Is Reinstated

Josh Gordon's NFL career may not be over just yet, and the oft-troubled wide receiver could be looking forward to a return to a familiar destination.

After missing more than 50 games due to five separate suspensions dating back to 2013, the Pro Bowl wide receiver is asking NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to reinstate him for the 2020 season. As CBS Sports reported, it was not clear yet if Gordon could face reinstatement, but there could be a number of teams interested if he were to be allowed back into the league.

The report noted that the New England Patriots, who released Gordon off injured reserve last season, could be interested in giving him another go. One of New England's biggest weaknesses last season was the depth of its receiving corps, and Gordon could return as another weapon for new quarterback Jarrett Stidham as the team hopes to develop him into a reliable starting quarterback.

"The Pats may be in quasi-rebuild mode with Brady gone and Jarrett Stidham set to take over at QB, but it seems hard to believe Belichick is just going to roll over in 2020," the report noted.

"He's never been afraid to stockpile veteran hopefuls, and Gordon has familiarity in the system. If you can add competition to a WR room currently banking on an aging Julian Edelman, a recovering N'Keal Harry and guys like Mohamed Sanu and Marqise Lee, you do it."
The CBS Sports report noted that there could be other teams interested in Gordon, including the Seattle Seahawks, who had claimed him off waivers last season after he was cut loose by the Patriots. The report also identified the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New York Giants as potential landing spots.

It's not clear yet what chance Gordon might have of being reinstated, but recent reports have indicated that there were some extenuating circumstances surrounding his last suspension. As the USA Today's PatriotsWire reported, Gordon suffered a drug relapse during the last season due to the death of his older brother on November 11.

Adam Kenner, an attorney for Gordon, said that Gordon was set back due to the loss of his brother but has since been working to stay clean and better understands how to manage the issues he faces.

"He's installed the right team around him to make sure he's on the right path. He understands he's been given every chance. He looks forward to making the most of this," Kenner said.

The league has not said when it could issue a ruling on Gordon's reinstatement.