Lele Pons Shows Off Amazing Body Transformation In Before-And-After Pictures On Instagram

Patricia Grannum

Social media superstar Lele Pons took to Instagram on Friday to show fans how much her body has changed thanks to her new diet and fitness regimen.

The photo that she shared spliced two images together to illustrate the transformation. In the first "before" photo, Lele stood with her arms extended to the side and wore a gray bra with black briefs. While she looked quite slim in that snapshot, in the "after" photo her waist appeared to be much smaller and her abdominal muscles more defined. Her legs also looked toned in the more recent photo.

In the second composite shot, Lele turned to the side to show off even more of her transformation. In the newer image, her glutes looked firmer and more lifted. This second image also showed that her midsection had become much flatter.

In her caption, Lele shared that she had been working out and eating healthy for just over two months. She also wrote that she had been training with Diana Maux, a fitness coach with over 500,000 followers on Instagram. In the post's third slide, Diana and Lele appeared together in a video that was recorded near a pool. In it, Lele squealed in apparent excitement and dropped into a low squat.

"Congrats! Proud of you," one person wrote. "Takes a lot of work and discipline to accomplish that. Not an easy thing."

Others wrote that they thought she looked great in the "before" photos.

"You didn't have to work out if u didn't want to," a second Instagram user wrote. "You're honestly naturally good looking and u already had a nice figure."

"I loooove the transformation, either way, you're perfect," a third supporter commented.

And Diana Maux got some praise from Lele's fans as well.

"DIANA the results are so gooddd," a fourth person gushed. "You're an amazing trainer."

Lele has been flaunting her fitter physique in her Instagram posts of late. In a previous photo, she rocked a thong-cut one-piece swimsuit as she posed on a white beach chair. The suit featured a lace-up neckline and side panels that made it all the more alluring.