‘One Piece’ Chapter 983 Hints At Perospero’s Plan To Destroy Newly Formed Alliance Between Kaido And Big Mom

One Piece features members of the Straw Hat Pirates.
tofoli.douglas / Flickr / Public Domain

One Piece Wano Arc featured the newly formed alliance between the two of the Four Emperors of the Sea — Beast Pirates captain Kaido and Big Mom Pirates captain Charlotte Linlin. Emperor Kaido and Emperor Big Mom decided to set aside their rivalry to achieve their common goal, which is to eliminate Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates and conquer the entire world. However, though the Beast Pirates don’t seem to have any problem with the alliance, Charlotte Perospero and the Big Mom Pirates have divided opinions as to whether it is really in their best interests to join hands with Emperor Kaido.

In the latest chapter of One Piece, Perospero, the oldest son of Emperor Big Mom, was featured heading to the Beast Pirates’ headquarters at Onigashima. The Big Mom Pirates tried to enter the Land of Wano through the waterfall twice, but they failed in both attempts after being attacked by Beast Pirates All-Star King the Wildfire — and former first division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, Marco the Phoenix. Luckily, Perospero found a way to reach Emperor Big Mom.

Using his devil fruit ability, Perospero summoned a candy wave that enabled him to travel in the harsh ocean current surrounding the Land of Wano. One Piece Chapter 983 showed Perospero finally seeing Onigashima. In the middle of the sea, Perospero vowed revenge against Luffy, King, and Marco for what they have done to the Big Mom Pirates. Perospero also expressed his disapproval of the alliance between Emperor Big Mom and Emperor Kaido.

“At the end of the day, the Big Mom Pirates will be the ones left standing.”

It’s hard to blame Perospero for not trusting Emperor Kaido and the Beast Pirates. Emperor Kaido and Emperor Big Mom might have sailed aboard the same ship in the past, but they also tried to kill each other countless times. As of now, they still consider each other as rivals in finding the greatest treasure, One Piece, and in becoming the next Pirate King. Also, as a member of one of the oldest active pirate groups in the world, Perospero must be aware of the harsh truths concerning any alliance between pirates.

As Straw Hat Pirates navigator Nico Robin said, pirate alliances are often marked by betrayal. If Perospero managed to convince Emperor Big Mom to immediately cut ties with the Beast Pirates, he would definitely be doing the Straw Hat Pirates a huge favor. The Big Mom Pirates are still considered enemies of the Straw Hat Pirates alliance, but if they decided to discontinue their alliance with the Beast Pirates, it would give Luffy’s group a better chance of avenging the late Lord Kozuki Oden — and of freeing the Land of Wano from Emperor Kaido and Shogun Kurozumi Orochi.