'Baker And The Beauty' Boss Teases Season 2 Storyline After Cancellation

Earlier this week, ABC announced its decision to cancel the romantic drama series Baker and the Beauty after just one season at the network, and the show's creator is weighing in, according to a report from Entertainment Tonight.

The series, which was led by an all-Latinx cast, followed Daniel Garcia (Victor Rasuk), a handsome baker from a working-class Cuban family, who meets and falls in love with international superstar Noa Hamilton (Nathalie Kelley). The couple's connection was undeniable but they struggled to adjust to the differences in their lifestyles. By the end of the season, the lovebirds got engaged and announced their decision to Daniel's family, leaving everyone with expressions of bewilderment.

Baker and the Beauty developed a loyal fan base during its short time on-air, but it just didn't have the ratings needed to keep it going.

"I was aware that we did not have the pure, raw ratings that guaranteed renewal, and frankly, fewer and fewer new shows reach that threshold without some support and a bit of a leap of faith," creator Dean Georgaris said.

He said he was aware the show could be canceled but admitted he was still heartbroken after the official announcement came. Georgaris said the experience was nothing short of wonderful and it's something he will be carrying with him forever.

Georgaris went on to say that he already had a plan for Season 2. He said it would be a natural progression of the first season but would focus a lot more on the other members of Daniel's family and their different roles and relationships.

"In Season 2, what you get to see is a lot more combinations of characters, you get to see Natalie spending more time with Noa, you get to see Mateo with Lewis. In a way to make it one giant family show as opposed to two worlds," he said

Fans of Baker and the Beauty have already begun tweeting their support and urging other networks and streaming services to consider picking it up for a second season. This approach has worked for shows like One Day at a Time, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and The Expanse, but there is no guarantee.

Rasuk said if the show does get picked up, he wants the fans to know it was mostly because of them. Kelley has also shared her thoughts on the situation, calling ABC "extremely tone-deaf" for making the decision to cancel it, as it was the only show on the network with a Latinx cast, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.