Sophie Van Oostenbrugge Trains Her Upper Body In The Latest Video Series On Her Instagram Page

Sophie Van Oostenbrugge poses for a selfie
Sophie Van Oostenbrugge / Instagram

Sophie Van Oostenbrugge demonstrated an upper body workout for her 1.5 million Instagram followers on Friday.

Dressed in a black sports bra and matching shorts, the Dutch fitness influencer started her workout with a set of rolling planks. Sophie began the exercise in the plank position and then turned her body to one side and raised the corresponding arm into the air. In text superimposed onto the video, she recommended doing five sets of 10 repetitions and instructed viewers to form a straight line with their bodies during each rep.

Next, she moved on to walking pushups. For this exercise, she performed a regular pushup and then stepped her hands to one side before she completed the next repetition. Sophie suggested doing 12 reps per set and wrote that kneeling pushups would be a good alternative to the exercise, if necessary.

Sophie assumed the plank position once more for the next exercise in the circuit, a set of plank reaches. These required her to alternate lifting each arm in front of her as she balanced her body weight on the other. Sophie warned her fans against rotating their hips while executing the move and suggested doing 12 repetitions on each side.

Next, she ended the circuit with a series of reverse plank knee-ins. Sophie’s body faced the ceiling for this one as she propped herself up with her arms and extended both legs in front of her. Then she lifted one knee towards her upper body and lowered it before she repeated the exercise on the other side.

The post has been liked more than 20,000 times and over 150 Instagram users have commented on it so far. In the comments section, fans shared their positive reactions to Sophie’s workout demonstration.

“Yes, love this,” one person wrote before adding two clapping emoji to their comment. “Can’t beat a good upper body day.”

Others vouched for the difficulty of some of the exercises she included in her circuit.

“Reverse planks are so killer!! They look simple but WOOF they’re tough,” a second Instagram user added.

“Haha right!!” Sophie replied. “I remember doing them for the first time thinking that they would be easy. Oh, I was WRONG”

But a fourth Instagram shared that they enjoyed doing one of the exercises.

“I actually love a walking push up,” they wrote. “Feel so invisible after. So silly.”

And many commenters also asked her about the source of her workout attire. In another one of her replies, Sophie indicated that both her top and shorts were from Gymshark.