Instagram Model Viktoria Varga Shows Off Her Fit Body While Trying On Different Outfits

Viktoria Varga attends an event at Milan Fashion Week
Tullio M. Puglia / Getty Images

Model Viktoria Varga delighted fans by showing off her fit figure in her latest Instagram video. For the clip, she sported a tiny bikini while she tried on various beach outfits that highlighted her jaw-dropping body.

The 28-year-old has been vocal about how much she missed modelling during the coronavirus pandemic, and in this footage she modeled four different beach looks. Varga wore her long blond hair straight down, and started the clip in a small pale pink bikini. The top hugged her bust and boasted thin straps that went over her shoulders, while the bottoms featured little straps that wrapped around her waist. Her tanned skin popped against the swimsuit and the white backdrop.

The first outfit she tried on afterwards was a long white beach dress that looked crocheted. It ran the length of her body and had a plunging neckline. Varga added a belt to the ensemble and then struck several poses for the camera. Afterwards, she changed into another summer dress. This number was black with a green-and-blue pattern overtop. The third dress was daringly open in the front, with two straps running up the side of her chest and wrapping around the back of her neck. She stuck her leg out a slit in the side, and spun to reveal that this elegant dress was backless.

Varga put on a short dark blue skirt with floral print for the next wardrobe change. The Hungarian added a light white sleeveless top to this look as well.

For the final outfit, she threw on a short ruffled white skirt and another white top. The top had three large buttons running down the middle. Varga pivoted her body to the side to show off the look as the video ended. The geotag indicated the location of the shoot — Dubai, United Arab Emirates — and in her caption, she asked her fans which ensemble they liked the best.

Many of her 467,000 Instagram followers took notice of the enticing video, and more than 8,700 of them showed their approval by hitting the like button. The fashion designer received over 220 comments as fans responded to her caption.

“Hey all look great as you’re wearing them and you make everything look fab,” one fan wrote.

“You are absolutely beautiful. Greetings from Chile!!!” another user added.

“Always gorgeous!” a third follower replied.

“Love them ALL,” model Diana Karkusha commented.

As previously covered by The Inquisitr, Varga recently teased fans in another post from Dubai. She was photographed on the beach as the sun was setting, and she flashed her pert backside for the camera while wearing a polka dot bikini.