‘Below Deck: Mediterranean’ Star Captain Sandy Says Season 5 Is ‘Crazy,’ Talks COVID-19

Captain Sandy Yawn stars on Below Deck: Mediterranean
Karolina Wojtasik / Bravo

Season 5 of Below Deck: Mediterranean is three episodes in, and one crew member has already quit. According to Captain Sandy Yawn, things are only going to get crazier from here on out. The yacht captain caught up with the Daily Mail Friday to discuss what’s to come on this season, which has already seen a heated feud between chief stewardess Hannah Ferrier and her second stew, Lara Flumiani, which caused the latter to walk off after one charter.

“Wow. Wow. Whoa. Crazy,” Captain Sandy noted of the upcoming episodes. “You know, really that would be it, like ‘whaaaaat?’ Because it’s crazy! It’s going to be crazy. That’s all I got.”

Sandy’s tease proves there’s so much more to come on Season 5, and it must get very crazy as she is normally very laid-back and not affected by drama. The trailer for the season suggests there was another blowout between Sandy and Hannah after the two couldn’t see eye to eye for the past several seasons. It’s been confirmed that Hannah is no longer with the show, and while it’s been said that she quit, rumors have it that she was actually fired by the captain.

The craziness Sandy referred to likely involves her issues with Hannah, but other relationships were also tested, as shown in the trailer.

A second stew was about to board the mega-yacht, and Monday night’s episode hinted it was someone Hannah has worked with in the past. The chief stew has had tumultuous relationships with her crew over the year, so whoever was brought on board could just pile on the drama.

In the trailer, Sandy confronted someone about bringing drugs on board — a very big no-no. The teaser also pointed to an upcoming hookup between the third stew and one of the deckhands.

While this might be crazy television, Sandy is dealing with a whole other kind of crazy in the real world, as COVID-19 has drastically changed the yachting business.

“It’s affected it,” she said of the virus and yachting. “A lot of have owners have laid their crew off until such time.”

Sandy noted that there is a lot of yachting business during the Cannes Film Festival and the Grand Prix, but this year, things took a major drop and there was no work because of the pandemic. She then commented that boats are just sitting at their docks waiting for things to eventually pick up again. Things are different for private charters, though.

“The charter industry, they’re fully booked because people were planning on being on their yachts in July and August, September, October,” she explained. “They’re just booked later in the season. People can’t wait to get on their yachts.”