Lisa Lanceford Powers Through Intense Shoulder Workout In Newest Instagram Video Series

Lisa Lanceford poses for a selfie
Lisa Lanceford / Instagram

Lisa Lanceford demonstrated a challenging new shoulder workout for her 2.1 million Instagram followers on Friday.

For the five-part circuit, the British fitness trainer rocked a gray sports bra paired with matching leggings. She started the workout with a series of rear-delt flies at a machine designed for that purpose. She straddled the bench with her back facing the camera, and used her arms to push the machine’s handles backward. To complete her reps, she pulled the handles forward, back to their original position.

In each video, Lisa superimposed a clip of herself doing the at-home version of the exercise. The alternative movement for the rear-delt flies required her to attach a long resistance band to an elevated point — in this case, one of the posts on her wooden fence. Standing upright, she pulled the band’s handles toward her chest, pointing her elbows to the side as she did so.

In the second video of the series, Lisa added a set of dumbbells to the workout for a series of dead stop lateral raises. For this exercise, she sat on a bench as she raised the weights and lowered them. She paused for a couple of seconds before she moved on to her next rep, which explains why the exercise is called a “dead stop” raise. In the at-home version, Lisa stepped on the middle of her resistance band and lifted its handles out to the side.

Lisa moved on from lateral raises to front raises in the next video. She held each weight vertically and lifted them until they lined up with her shoulders. For the at-home video, Lisa used a resistance band once more, and raised both of its handles simultaneously during each repetition.

The fourth video saw Lisa switch from dumbbells to an EZ bar for a set of front raise variations. She held the bar horizontally at the start — but as she lifted it, she turned it until it was vertical. Lisa’s at-home version of this exercise required her to perform lateral and front lifts with her resistance band.

Next, she ended her circuit with a set of military presses — which meant that she had to repeatedly lift a barbell above her head. For the at-home equivalent of the exercise, Lisa performed a set of incline push-ups.

The post has been liked over 11,000 times, as of this writing, and close to 100 Instagram users have commented on it. In those comments, some of her fellow Instagram influencers left some compliments for Lisa.

“Look at that strong back!” wrote Katie Crewe, a fitness trainer with 1 million Instagram followers.