Hannah Stocking Gets Soaking Wet In Daisy Dukes To Demonstrate The Dangers Of Phone Addiction

Hannah Stocking wouldn't let anything stop her from looking at her phone in the TikTok video that she shared with her 13.7 million followers on Thursday. There was only one thing that finally stopped her, and it wasn't water or getting whacked with a stick.

For her comedic clip, Hannah wore a pair of skintight black Daisy Dukes over a bathing suit in the same color. Her tiny shorts showcased her long model legs, while her one-piece swimsuit highlighted the rest of her slender frame. The garment had a halter neck and a plunging neckline. It also featured back ties and a V-bar detail in the center of the bust.

Hannah's footwear was a pair of bright pink sock sneakers. She accessorized her outfit with a black choker, and she wore her hair pulled back with a pink scrunchie.

Hannah spent most of the clip looking down at her phone. The oblivious model made a guy on a bike crash when he had to swerve to avoid hitting her, and she got whacked with a stick as she walked past a blindfolded man swinging it at a horse-shaped pinata hanging from a tree.

Hannah ruined another man's lunch by walking across a picnic table and kicking his food everywhere, and she ruined the end of a race by walking through the finish line tape right in front of two exasperated runners. She didn't even let the water stop her from staring at her phone's screen. She strolled straight into a pool and swam underwater as she continued holding her phone out in front of her.

However, the soaking-wet model's trek came to an end soon after she emerged from the pool. The realization that her battery was dying seemingly made her burst into flames.

Hannah fittingly set her video to the song "Phone Down" by Lost Kings and Emily Warren.


Hannah's TikTok followers have liked her cautionary tale about too much screen time over 748,000 times since her video was initially uploaded. Many of them also took to the comments section to let her know that they related to her character.

"It's me but with tik tok," read one response.

"I love this!! you are so funny!!" another comment read.

"How can I tag myself?" a third fan wrote, in response to Hannah's caption.

"CONGRATULATIONS! You won the race why are you so talented," a fourth admirer remarked.

This isn't the first time a cellphone has played an important role in one of Hannah's comedy videos. She also rocked a swimsuit in an Instagram video that was meant to show her fans how using the iPhone Live Photos feature can be disastrous.