Alicia Keys Reveals She Almost Became A Member Of 3LW In The 2000s

Alicia Keys performs in Times Square on October 9, 2016
Gary Gershoff / Getty Images

Alicia Keys recently revealed that she was almost a member of the popular 2000s group, 3LW.

The “Diary” singer appeared on Wired‘s YouTube series, “Autocomplete Interviews.” According to Us Weekly, the interview was about the early moments that led up to her massive career. Keys said that prior to finding fame as a solo artist, she became a member of two bands. Both bands ended up not being a fit, but she recalled the last band that she joined found success without her.

“My second band that I was in was kind of like one of these projects that are put together by people, and they heard I sang and they were like ‘oh, maybe you could be a part of it,”‘ Keys shared. “It didn’t work out with me, but eventually, they came out. I think their name was Little Women, but I was never part of that. I moved on and they moved on, that didn’t work out for me.”

While Keys turned down the opportunity, 3LW went on to be successful with the artists that were chosen for the group. The band was formed in 1999, and included Adrienne Bailon Houghton, Naturi Naughton, and Kiely Williams. Their first hit came in 2000 with “No More,” and they became known for other notable songs like “Playas Gon Play” and “Feelin You.”

The group also toured with Destiny’s Child in 2001. The members of 3LW stayed together until 2007, though they had some drama between one another in that time. Naughton left the group just two years after their success, and the group officially disbanded after Williams and Houghton starred in Disney Channel’s The Cheetah Girls.

Keys eventually found that working as a solo act was a better fit for her. She’s been successfully navigating through the music industry since her first album, Songs in A Minor, released in 2002. The album earned her five Grammy awards in 2002, as well as 10 more honors from the academy since then.

Although she’s been in the music industry for almost two decades, Keys is continuing to use music as a way to discuss real-life topics in society.

According to Pitchfork, she released a new song, “A Perfect Way to Die,” on Friday. The song is from the perspective of a mother whose son has been shot to death. She has been releasing several songs this year, including “Good Job,” which was released in April. The song will be a part of her LP, Alicia. Her project was supposed to be released in March, but has been postponed indefinitely.