MTV Cancels Buckwild But Stars, Fans Fight Back With #MTVDontStopBuckwild

As MTV cancels Buckwild the stars and fans of the show are taking to Twitter and other social media to try and change the minds of MTV executives.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, MTV cancelled Buckwild, one of the most popular reality TV shows on MTV.

The death of cast member Shain Gandee in a mudding accident last week appears to have prompted MTV to pull the plug in an effort to avoid further controversy. The vehicle experienced a blocked tailpipe and Shain Gandee’s cause of death was confirmed as carbon monoxide poisoning.

Buckwild producer JP Williams rages, “This is the network that has shows about teen pregnancy. They’ll stick by a show that allows you to abandon a child, but a kid dies by accident doing what he does for a living [mudding] and they cancel the show?”

Shain’s mom, Loretta Gandee, told fellow mourners that Shain was confident he’d go to heaven:

“I know where Shain is. He said about a month ago, ‘I know when I die I’m going to heaven.’ “

As MTV cancels Buckwild, fans are saying this is not what Shain or his family would have wanted. The petition says:

“I’m hoping this petition will show MTV that fans want season 2 of Buckwild. It’s one of the realest shows I’ve ever seen, the cast is amazing and I personally love the show. MTV keeps a lot of shows that are overexposed but to cancel one that got better rating than Jersey Shore that’s just ridiculous. So please sign this and show MTV that you want another season sign this for Shain, his parents and the rest of the Buckwild cast. RIP Shain. I know he would want another season! Live Like Gandee.”

Many of the Buckwild stars have reacted to the Buckwild cancellation by taking to Twitter:

MTV canceling Buckwild has result in online petitions to MTV, demanding that they continue the show:

As MTV cancels Buckwild, do you agree with their decision or desire more shows?