Jena Frumes' Singing Fails To Impress Jason Derulo As Her Vacuuming Interrupts His Video Game

Jena Frumes and Jason Derulo teamed up for another TikTok video that had the couple's fans in stitches. On Thursday, Jason shared the humorous clip with his 24.9 million followers. It showed his less-than-impressed reaction to Jena demonstrating her singing skills while he was trying to play a video game.

Before he became a TikTok sensation, Jason won music fans over with his smooth and silky vocals. However, his clip seemed to suggest that his girlfriend isn't as gifted when it comes to her musical abilities. There was a lot going on in the new upload, which began with a shot of the "Savage Love" singer sitting in a chair inside a massive home theater. He was playing a video game, and it looked like his pet pit bull, Ice, was watching the action. The cute canine stood behind Jason's row of seats with his head placed between two of the chairs. As for Jena, she was pushing a vacuum around right in front of her boyfriend.

Jena rocked a pair of blue sweatpants and a skintight white crop top that showed off her killer curves. However, it was her vacuuming, not her beauty, that Jason found distracting. She wore a pair of earbuds while grooving to Ariana Grande's cover of the Mariah Carey song "Emotions." Jena mouthed along as the singer hit the tune's whistle notes, and Jason feigned annoyance at his girlfriend's performance.

Jason eventually yanked the earbuds out of Jena's ears as she continued dancing and lip-syncing. As soon as he did this, the voice belting out the high notes changed. Instead of Ariana's famous whistle register, viewers heard a screeching, squawking voice.

While the clip made it look like this was what Jena really sounded like, it actually featured an audio clip created by another TikTok user. In other words, the voice singing at the end didn't belong to Jena.

Ice took off near the end of the video, and Jason's Belgian Malinois, Ghost, made a brief cameo.

Since it was initially uploaded, Jena and Jason's latest comedic creation has racked up over 446,000 likes and 2,800 comments.

"What I think I sound like in the shower vs what I actually sound like," read one response.

"Even the dog was like what," another fan wrote.

"Haha that's how I sound too. You are so pretty!" a third admirer remarked.

While Jena's fake singing wasn't a big hit with her musician boyfriend, she recently did something that Jason probably could not do. In one of her TikTok videos, the model amazed her fans by doing the splits between two cars.