Nick Cordero & His Wife Amanda Kloots Reunite After Nearly 3 Months Apart As His Coronavirus Battle Continues

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Vivien Killilea / Getty Images for Rock of Ages Hollywood

Actor Nick Cordero may still have a significant battle ahead of him as he tries to conquer the coronavirus, but Friday afternoon marked a significant milestone in the process. For the first time since his wife Amanda Kloots dropped him off at the emergency room of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center at the end of March, she and Nick were able to spend time together in person.

Almost 12 full weeks ago, Amanda dropped Nick off at the hospital as he wasn’t feeling well. Neither of them had an idea that this was about to kick off the battle of a lifetime. Nick was quickly admitted as a patient and placed in the ICU with a serious COVID-19 infection.

Due to the coronavirus precautions that Cedars-Sinai has had in place these past few months, Amanda could not visit Nick in person. On Friday, that finally changed.

That morning, Amanda shared via her Instagram page that Cedars-Sinai was now going to allow one person at a time to visit ICU patients. She signaled that she was headed off to the hospital immediately, and sure enough, she was back with her husband, per additional updates that she posted shortly after.

Just an hour or so after sharing the visitation update, Amanda shared a shot on her Instagram stories showing that she had a nametag in her hand. She posted a photo of the tag, and another showing her at Cedars-Sinai. Her fans likely noticed that this photo of the hospital was from a different angle, signaling that she wasn’t stuck down on the street looking up toward Nick’s room any longer.

Soon after that, Amanda posted a still shot on her Instagram page. It showed her hand holding Nick’s, seemingly over a hospital room blanket. The photo didn’t show either of their faces, but anybody who has been following this journey knew exactly whose hands these were.

In her caption, Amanda shared the lyrics to Andy Grammer’s song “Don’t Give Up on Me” and noted that this was Day 79 for Nick in the ICU. Earlier this week, she detailed how difficult this battle has continued to be and explained that it will not be over anytime soon. However, being now able to visit Nick in person is likely to have a significant impact on his recovery.

Those who have been following Amanda’s Instagram account for updates on Nick went wild over this update. The post had nearly 40,000 likes in less than an hour, as well as more than 3,400 comments.

“Omg I’m crying. I’m so happy you got to see him. I’m sure it lifted and broke your heart all at once. He will make it Amanda!!! Just keep believing!!!!!!” one follower wrote.

“This LITERALLY made me tear up! I am so happy that you got to see him and hold his hand. I cannot imagine the emotions you are feeling right now! Thank you for sharing another step in your journey!” another supporter stated.

“Your presence is the best medicine!!” someone else noted.

“I can’t even imagine how finally seeing him made you feel. Stay strong!” read a fourth comment.

There is little doubt that Friday afternoon will be an emotional one for both Amanda and Nick. She will likely share additional updates later in the evening and throughout the weekend, and people will be anxious to hear more.