Surprising Possible Replacements Discussed For Alex Trebek As The Host Of ‘Jeopardy!’

Pat Sajak, George Stephanopoulos, and Ken Jennings have all been discussed as possible future replacements for Alex Trebek.

Alex Trebek speaks into a microphone.
David Livingston / Getty Images

Pat Sajak, George Stephanopoulos, and Ken Jennings have all been discussed as possible future replacements for Alex Trebek.

Much to the dismay of fans, longtime Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek may be passing the position on to someone else in the near future. Pat Sajak, the current host of Wheel of Fortune, is a possible contender for the role. Other people that have been discussed as potential replacements include George Stephanopoulos of Good Morning America and Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings, according to iHeartRadio.

Trebek has hosted the show for 36 years, and is now 79 years old and in the midst of a battle with pancreatic cancer. While he has expressed his desire to continue hosting the show for as long as he is physically able, his retirement may come sooner than he would like.

Trebek’s contract with Jeopardy! is up in 2022, which just so happens to be the same year that Sajak’s contract with Wheel of Fortune is up as well. Sajak has actually hosted the show in the past, as an April Fool’s joke. While Sajak has not spoken publicly about any interest in taking on the position, some fans think he would make sense as a replacement.

However, if Sajak doesn’t secure the lead, Stephanopoulos or Jennings might have a chance. An inside source told Radar Online that Stephanopoulos is very interested in the position and thinks he would be a good fit as the new host. He is so eager to land the position that he would reportedly even leave behind Good Morning America if that is what it takes, the inside source said.

“For George, it’s really a dream job. The show is fun but brainy, and so beloved by its viewers. He thinks he could transition to it without a hitch. While he’s loved his time on GMA, those mornings getting up before daylight have really worn on him. So if the caveat to hosting Jeopardy! means leaving GMA, he would agree to that.”

Jennings’ name has also been thrown around as an ideal new host. Jennings is highly dedicated to the show, known for his incredible 74-game winning streak.

Meanwhile, Trebek has previously said he’d like to see a woman take on the role.

“It’s probably going to be a woman, somebody younger, somebody bright, somebody personable, somebody with a great sense of humor, so I nominated Betty White,” he said.

However, at the end of the day, Trebek wants to make it clear that he does not have any say in who is chosen for the position, as The Inquisitr previously reported.