Isabella Buscemi Poses Topless In New Instagram Photo

Isabella Buscemi wowed her 2.2 million Instagram followers with her recent risqué post. In an update published on June 18, the Cuban-Italian model was completely topless while posing next to her furry friend.

The picture showed Isabella leaning against a white door clad in nothing but a thong and sheer stockings. The two garments showed off her perky posterior and lean thighs. She pushed her body against the side of the door, squishing her ample assets in the process. Instead of facing the camera, she looked to the side with a smile on her face.

The snap was possibly taken around late afternoon, where the sunlight that highlighted parts of her skin was not as bright. Behind the model, her dog named Teddy was spotted "photobombing" her NSFW photo.

The Latina sported stockings that came up to her waist. The see-through piece was adorned with frills on the sides, which gave off its unique design. Underneath the stockings, she wore a skimpy thong that clung to her slim waist.

Isabella tied her blond locks in a high ponytail. The long strands cascaded down her back, and a few tendrils of hair framed her face. For the occasion, she wore a full face of makeup. She appeared to wear a foundation that perfectly matched her skin tone.

She also featured groomed eyebrows, eyeshadow, and black mascara. It looked like she had applied a light dusting of pink blush, glowing highlighter, and pink lip gloss to round out her look.

She accessorized with a pair of dainty stud earrings and a ring.

Isabella's longtime followers know that Teddy was very close to her, possibly her favorite out of all her pets. The dog, who recently died, was regularly seen in her Instagram stories.

In the caption, she wrote something about how she missed Teddy and all the things that her pet did when he was alive. She added a butterfly emoji at the end of the post.

As of this writing, the new social media share has amassed over 66,800 likes and more than 850 comments. Her fellow models and fans flocked to the comments section and dropped gushing messages. Many praised her incredible looks and amazing curves. Others were left utterly speechless and opted to drop emoji instead.

"You're incredibly sexy! If you start YouTube, I would be your first subscriber," one of her admirers wrote.

"You're so unbelievably flawless. OMG! I think you're the most beautiful woman," gushed another fan.

"I am in love with the view! I can imagine how big your assets are. Amazing!" a third social media follower wrote.

"Both showing peach. You are so hot, Isa," a fourth Instagrammer added.