‘General Hospital’ Teasers: Jason & Sam’s Romance Will Be In Focus For The Week Of June 22

Kelly Monaco and Steve Burton play Sam and Jason on 'General Hospital'
Todd Wawrychuk / ABC

The week of June 22 is geared toward General Hospital’s “JaSam” fans. The entire week of encore episodes will focus on the romance of Sam McCall and Jason Morgan, revisiting some of the most iconic events from the pair’s years-long relationship.

SheKnows Soaps details that the show airing on Monday, June 22, will take viewers way back in time. This classic episode originally aired on December 2, 2003, and showed the moment when Sam and Jason met for the first time.

It just so happened that Sam and Jason were both arrested by the PCPD for helping Sonny Corinthos out, and viewers will surely enjoy revisiting this iconic moment.

On Tuesday, ABC will take everybody back to November 10, 2004. This will be a tough one, as it was the General Hospital show where Jason struggled over knowing that he had to tell Sam about the death of her baby.

Luckily, Wednesday’s encore episode will be a more light-hearted one. This show first aired on October 12, 2005, and focused on Sam and Jason on a trip to Hawaii. There was a water-gun fight in this one, and likely some saucy romantic moments as well.

ABC then skips ahead nearly six years for the show they will be airing on Thursday. General Hospital fans will revisit Jason’s proposal to Sam, which originally aired on July 21, 2011.

As viewers may remember, this took place on a rooftop, and Jason had to improvise as he didn’t have an engagement ring ready. During that moment, he used a chrome nut in place of a ring. Luckily, that didn’t impact Sam’s answer.

For the finale of the Jason and Sam encore week, everybody will watch the two get married. This was originally shown on September 22, 2011, and the two tied the knot at the Noodle Buddha Chinese restaurant.

Viewers will notice that ABC chose to skip over some significant chunks of time with this upcoming “JaSam” week. Unsurprisingly, they left out all of the drama related to Billy Miller playing Jason while Steve Burton was gone. All of the shows that ABC is airing feature Burton alongside Kelly Monaco.

In present-day Port Charles, Sam and Jason are together again romantically, but it hasn’t been easy. Due to her parole restrictions and Cyrus Renault’s reign of terror in town, Jason and Sam have to keep their relationship under wraps.

Plenty of General Hospital fans are anxious to see these two solidly together, as that has not been the case for all that much of the time since Burton’s return in 2017. Spoilers regarding what the writers have in mind aren’t available yet since the cast and crew are still on a production hiatus. Fans hope that taping can resume soon, though, and “JaSam” supporters will be eager to know where their favorite pair heads this fall.