Krissy Cela Rocks Blue Sports Bra And Matching Shorts For Upper Body Workout Challenge

Krissy Cela snaps a selfie
Krissy Cela / Instagram

Krissy Cela targeted her upper body with dumbbells in the most recent video on her Instagram page.

Dressed in a light-blue sports bra and matching shorts, Krissy started the workout with a set of lateral raises into overhead presses. For this combination, she raised the weights out to the side and then lifted them above her shoulders.

Next, the fitness trainer tackled a set of incline pushups. The move required her to prop herself up with her arms on a bench before she bent and straightened those arms to complete her reps.

After that, a set of bent-over rows followed. With her feet placed right next to each other, Krissy leaned her torso forward and then pulled the weights toward her shoulders.

In her caption, Krissy recommended doing 20 repetitions of each exercise. She also challenged her fans to beat her record of doing five rounds of the circuit in five minutes.

The clip has been viewed more than 13,000 times, and close to 50 Instagram users have commented on it so far. In those comments, some fans thanked her for the fitness motivation her videos provide.

“I love you Krissy, you’re such an inspiration to me!” one person wrote.

“Yesss,” another supporter commented before adding a fire and flexed-bicep emoji to their remark. “Always killing it and coming through with the best workouts!”

Other commenters seemed intimidated by Krissy’s workout challenge.

“Okay, this looks SO TOUGH!! But also this video is so cool and the outfit… GIRL,” a third fan exclaimed.

Another subset of the comments section focused their attention on Krissy’s workout attire.

“Always love your workout clothes. You give us challenging moves and style. Lol,” read a fourth user’s reply.

This is the third workout challenge that Krissy has issued to her followers this week. In a previous post, she encouraged them to do an ab circuit every day for 30 days or to tack it onto the end of every workout that they do. In the video that accompanied her caption, the model powered through sets of leg raises and cocoons.

“Okay so I’ve been lowkey doing this abs challenge from the @toneandsculptapp every day for the past 12 days and honestly at first I dreaded it after my workouts but now it’s become the cherry on top of my workouts and I love it!!” she wrote.

The clip has been viewed more than 300,000 times and over 1,500 Instagram users have commented on it.