June 19, 2020
Hurricane Chris Arrested, Rapper Booked On Second-Degree Murder Charges In Louisiana

Rapper Hurricane Chris, best known for his single "A Bay Bay," was arrested Friday afternoon in Louisiana for second-degree murder. Police have reportedly claimed that the rapper, whose real name is Christopher Dooley Jr., fatally shot a man early Friday morning at a gas station located in Shreveport.

According to a Shreveport Police report, Dooley was arrested at 5:05 in the morning and was booked later at 6:30 a.m. The probable cause statement claimed that the "subject opened fire upon the victim striking him several times. Subject was found to be in illegal possession of stolen things."

The "stolen thing" was later reported to be Dooley's car, which had been reported stolen from Texas.

Hurricane Chris Claimed That He Was Acting In Self-Defense

According to ABC affiliate KTBS 3, Dooley alleged that there was a struggle over his car while he was at the Texaco gas station in the 2600 block of Hollywood Avenue in Shreveport. Located in northwest Louisiana, Shreveport is the rapper's hometown.

Dooley added that he shot the man several times in self-defense during the altercation.

Wounds from the victim appear to confirm that he was shot multiple times. The specific areas that were hit included the chest, hip, and stomach (per My Arklamiss.com).

The victim was still alive — though in critical condition — when taken to Ochsner LSU Health hospital; however, he later died from his injuries.

Though it has not been disclosed yet what kind of gun was used during the shooting, Dooley had been known to showcase weapons on social media. The above picture was posted on Instagram in May.

This is not the only picture of Dooley with a weapon. The rapper is pictured with either the same gun or a similar model in at least two other posts on Instagram.

Authorities Are Now Claiming That Surveillance Video Does Not Show Self-Defense

Early reports suggested that the victim may have been trying to rob Dooley. However, though the instigating factor behind the fight is still unclear, the police responded to the rapper's summary of the event.

In a news release, police claimed that video footage "showed that Dooley did not act in self-defense."

Ironically, the rapper had once discussed his views on crime in the rap community, blaming both "bad decisions" and institutional racism.

"We got a lot of rappers, people in music and entertainment period that's goin' to jail right now. We're losing a lot of good people to system," he claimed (via HipHopDx).

"It's because we got people that ain't makin' good decisions and we got haters too, matter of fact, that's steady tryin' to bring our people down. We gotta pray for everybody; everybody seems to find theyself [sic] behind the bars these days," he added.

"That done got my attention in a major way. That ain't the route I'm tryin' to go, and that ain't the route that we promote."
Meanwhile, Dooley, who is best known for his 2007 album 51/50 Ratchet, has not yet made any public statements on the incident. His most famous song, "A Bay Bay," currently has around 30 million views on YouTube.

The rapper's murder charges are not the first to dominate headlines this week. As was previously reported by The Inquisitr, Garrett Rolfe and Devin Brosnan, the two men charged in the killing of Rayshard Brooks, recently turned themselves into police custody.