Ansel Elgort Accused Of Sexual Assault On Social Media

A post accusing Ansel Elgort of sexual assault is going viral on Twitter. In the post, a user going by the name of Gabby, with the handle @itsgabby, claimed that she met Elgort after sending him a direct message when she was just 17. Elgort allegedly replied, and the two of them eventually had sex, she claims.

Her story continued, and she explained that she was a virgin at the time she claims they had sex.

"I was sobbing in pain and I didn't want to do it," Gabby wrote in the post.

Gabby claimed that, although she was sobbing, the only thing Elgort said was "we need to break you in."

Her account continued, with Gabby saying that she disassociated from the moment mentally, and claimed that Elgort knew how young she was at the time. She also claimed that The Fault in Our Stars actor asked her for nude photos, and wanted to have a threesome with her and one of her dance friends.

Gabby said that she wondered what she did wrong in the aftermath of the alleged assault, and said she didn't tell anyone because Elgort allegedly said it would "ruin his career." Now, years after the assault, Gabby said that she still experiences post-traumatic stress and goes to therapy as a result of the alleged assault. She said she's ready to talk about it because she wants to heal and to let other girls who have had similar experiences know that they aren't alone.

Gabby also said that there was "much more" to her story, but she didn't want to post it all. In order to back up her claims, she posted a photo purportedly of herself with Elgort and a picture of a phone that purported to show the first messages the two allegedly shared. In the unverified image, a party Gabby claims is Elgort allegedly gave her his private Snapchat handle and asked her not to give it out to anyone else.

Since the post went live an hour ago, it has already been liked more than 30,000 times and retweeted more than 18,000 times. As Gabby's allegations went viral, users across social media have respondied with harsh words for the actor, who's set to star in Westside Story later this year.

"If you're defending Ansel Elgort in any way please unfollow me right the f**k now," one user wrote.

"Put Ansel Elgort in jail and let him rot there canceling him won't do shit," another remarked.

Meanwhile, @itsgabby has received praise for being brave enough to share her own story.

"Your courage to be able to share your story despite the things you've gone through is unfathomably admirable. We are completely and 100% right behind you," one user tweeted.

Editor's note: the claims against Ansel Elgort have not been verified by an independent investigation. If charges are eventually filed against the actor, he is presumed innocent in a court of law.