Kayla Moody Leaves Little To The Imagination As She Poses Topless In Skimpy Daisy Dukes

The model used a cowboy hat to cover up her breasts in her latest Instagram post.

Kayla Moody poses for a selfie.
Kayla Moody / Instagram

The model used a cowboy hat to cover up her breasts in her latest Instagram post.

Kayla Moody decided to get a little creative with her accessories in a recent photo. In a new image posted to her Instagram feed, the model posed topless in a pair of revealing Daisy Dukes. In the image, Kayla used a straw hat to cover her breasts.

Kayla posed in profile for the snapshot, and she highlighted her curvaceous derriere in addition to her cleavage. Her hair was styled down in blond waves for the photo, her tresses falling down her back and over her cleavage. One of Kayla’s hands was holding her hat, while the other grabbed at the bottom of her shorts, pulling them up just a little higher.

Her usual French tip manicure was on display in the photo, and she also appeared to be wearing makeup. The model seemed to have eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara on, as well as foundation, bronzer, and blush. Her lips were a soft pink in the image, and her mouth was just slightly open. In the photo’s caption, the model asked her followers if they liked her hat.

Kayla’s 870,000-plus followers were eager to weigh in on the hat, and the photo as a whole. The share received thousands of likes and almost 100 comments in a matter of minutes. Some fans offered Kayla compliments, although many users had mixed opinions about whether the hat was a good addition to the image.

“No. You should throw it away,” one user wrote in response to the caption.

“Can you take off the hat because it would be a better view,” another commenter politely asked.

“It would be nice if the wind was to blow right about now,” a third user remarked.

Some of Kayla’s other followers were less focused on the hat, and more concerned with the rest of the model’s curvaceous figure.

“Perfect placement on those sexy curves,” another commenter added.

Kayla may have playfully concealed her breasts in her latest post, but in another recent video, they were on full display. On Friday, the model posted a video of herself applying sunscreen to her breasts and abdomen while wearing a racy blue bikini. In the slow-motion video, Kayla started by spraying the sunscreen on her body, and then rubbed it in. Her hands started at her abdomen before working their way up to her chest.

“Wanna help?” the caption attached to the post read.

That video has been liked thousands of times thus far, and has received more than 530 comments.