Stephanie Sanzo Shows Off Insane Strength In New Powerlifting Video

Stephanie Sanzo takes a mirror selfie while at the gym.
Stephanie Sanzo / Instagram

Fitness model Stephanie Sanzo posted a new powerlifting video to Instagram on Friday, June 19, giving her 1.9 million followers a peek at her incredible strength.

In the clip, the model wore a baggy green t-shirt that ended at her midsection and showed off part of her chiseled arms. She paired the top with white spandex shorts that contoured to her curves and ended at the very tops of her thighs, showing off the length of her bulky legs. Stephanie completed the outfit with a pair of knee-high black socks that had the word “Lifting” written in red capital letters up the sides.

The fitness trainer accessorized with a light-pink exercise watch, gold necklace, and stud earrings. She pulled her blond tresses back into a low ponytail and added a stylish braid down one side of her head. She also appeared to have made up her face with thick, black mascara, eye shadow, and pink lip gloss.

The lift took place in what appeared to be a gym setting. A rack of weights and barbells could be seen off to one side, while Stephanie stood on a large black mat. The model lifted a barbell that contained 160 kg of weights, or 352 pounds.

The video began with the model standing with her legs spread in front of the barbell and taking several deep breaths. She wrapped her chalked hands around the bar and slowly lifted it, letting it drop immediately back down, before repeating the move. As she lifted the barbell, Stephanie flaunted her chiseled arm and leg muscles, with the focus on her bulky quads. At the end of the video, she gave the camera a bright-white smile.

In the caption of the post, she wrote she was nervous about lifting the weight and added that heavy lifting is intimidating. Stephanie went on to tell her followers that overcoming situations which intimidate them is an essential part of development and progression.

The powerlifting clip earned several thousand likes and dozens of messages within an hour. Stephanie’s fans left her gushing compliments and praise in the comments section.

“Wow you are my idol! I wanna lift like you one of these days,” one Instagram user wrote.

“You are such an inspiration to me. Thank you for your important posts. And, you are awesome,” added another follower.

“YAAAAAY! That smile at the end is priceless. Such a superwoman!” yet one more fan chimed in.