June 19, 2020
Cardi B Bares All To Show Off Elaborate Tattoo Covering Her Thigh And Booty

Cardi B is thrilled with her thigh tattoo. In a new post on Instagram, the rapper shared a video that showcases the tattoo, which trails down her thigh and ends above her hips. The rapper doesn't seem to be wearing anything in the video, which highlights the tattoo by showcasing all of the different elements it features.

The tattoo's main element is a peacock that's drawn in beautiful shades of green and blue. The bird's head rested around Cardi's waist, and his body and features trailed down her booty and landed on her thigh. In the tattoo, the peacock is situated in a wildlife scene that also featured some vivid red flowers and a beautiful butterfly.

Cardi's video started with those elements before panning up along her thigh and rear end to land at the peacock's head near the end of the video. In the caption to the post, the rapper wrote that she loved the tattoo, which must be over a foot in total length. The video doesn't feature any hints of the rapper's face, although her followers could see her hands out in front of her as she posed for the video.

The rapper's more than 68 million followers flooded the post with positive comments. In the hours since the post was originally published, it's been liked millions of times, and received more than 15,000 comments. Most of those comments praise the artistry of the tattoo, although some also saved some praise for the rapper's figure.

"Look like art that can be hung up on the wall," one user wrote.

"This came out sooooo good yo One of the best cover-ups / retouches I've seen," another remarked.

Other commenters suggested that the art for the tattoo was only so good because of the woman it was on.

"Of course its lit nena. Look at the muse. I love you," a commenter wrote.

"That waist Tho," another user added.

Although many of her fans appreciate the rapper's figure, Cardi recently took to Instagram to let her followers know that she had gained some weight. In a video, the rapper spoke to the camera in a bikini. She was attempting to set the record straight after some followers suggested that her recent posts had been photoshopped.

The rapper said that while she had gained some weight, it had been intentional. She also wasn't afraid to turn things around on her followers.

"I know you b*tches ain't talking when you're shaped like seals and I know you n****s ain't talking when you got sisters with bison backs and your mothers are shaped like walruses," the rapper said.