June 19, 2020
WWE News: Independent Wrestler Accuses 'Friday Night SmackDown' Superstar Of Sexual Abuse

Over the course of the last 24 hours, women from the world of professional wrestling have been speaking out against men who've allegedly abused them, whether sexually, physically or verbally. WWE superstar Matt Riddle is the latest name to emerge from the wave of accusations.

According to Wrestling-Edge, independent wrestler Candy Cartwright took to social media on Friday and revealed that Riddle intimidated her into performing oral sex on him.

Cartwright stated that the incident took place while she, Riddle, and some other wrestlers were traveling together. She and Riddle were the only people awake at the time, which led to the Friday Night SmackDown superstar propositioning her for sex. According to Cartwright, she refused him, which led to Riddle forcefully grabbing her and threatening to "make" her do it.

"When I refused (although we had previously been together I was incredibly uncomfortable in that setting ) When I said no, he grabbed me by my throat, choked me and said "what if I just made you?" I ended up giving him oral sex (praying someone wouldn't wake up) to get out of having intercourse with him. It was incredibly humiliating. It is never ok to put your hands on a woman, it's also not ok to not listen when she says no."
Riddle -- who has been married since 2011 -- has yet to respond to the allegations. WWE hasn't issued a statement at the time of this writing either. It also remains to be seen if Riddle will be withdrawn from tonight's pre-taped episode of Friday Night SmackDown, in which he's reportedly set to make his main roster debut.

As The Inquisitr reported yesterday, WWE's Jordan Devlin has also been accused of assaulting a woman. Joe Coffey and Travis Banks, meanwhile, have also accused of committing some form of harassment. The company has issued statements about the other superstars since the accusations came out, claiming that they're taking the matters very seriously.

As documented by 411 Mania, the allegations against the wrestlers came out following the news that David Starr had been accused of sexual misconduct. The early reports initially focused on performers in the British wrestling scene -- such as Ligero and Mikey Whiplash -- but women from across the globe now appear to be coming forward to share their stories.

At the time of this writing, the majority of the reports pertain to independent wrestlers. However, superstars in WWE and AEW have been accused, and it remains to be seen how each company will deal with the matters.