Mama June Shannon Reveals She ‘Hated’ The Person She Was While On Drugs

June Shannon attends "Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta" season 2 premiere party at Woodruff Arts Center on January 9, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia.
Paras Griffin / Getty Images

Mama June Shannon, the star of Mama June: From Not to Hot, revealed in a story published by People Magazine that she “hated” the person she was while using drugs. June made the revelation after an appearance on the WE tv reality series Mama June: Family Crisis as she faced daughter Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon after not seeing her for six months.

“I hated the person I was. And I wanted to kill that person I was, if that makes sense,” June said in the People story. “I didn’t want to kill myself physically, but I wanted to kill that personality. I do believe that the person I wanted to kill is in the past. I hated that person I was.”

June’s face-to-face with Pumpkin revealed some hard truths about the life her children had been living without her. June found out that her financial difficulties endangered Pumpkin, 19, her husband Josh, and their daughter Ella, as well as June’s daughter Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson, 14. They subsequently had to move out of their apartment and into a new home located hours away to ensure their safety. June also learned that her ex, Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson, was looking to obtain permanent custody of Alana.

June admitted that her drug problem was the reason she owed so much money. This caused her to put her daughters’ lives in jeopardy. She sold the Georgia home she purchased and all of its contents as a way to raise quick cash to ensure the future security of her daughters. At the height of her drug use, June revealed she was using as much as $2,500 worth of methamphetamine every day. She stated that figure on-camera during an episode of the series. June also admitted to using the prescription pain medication Fioricet and Xanax.

The reality star stated in a clip shared by WE tv that she believed she lost who she was as a person for a while. She maintained during the show’s June 12 episode that she and longtime boyfriend Geno Doak were clean from drugs and even took a drug test on-camera to prove her point. June was brought to tears after her test came back positive for cocaine and stated she would take a blood test to prove she was no longer using the addictive substance.

Tonight’s episode will further explore June’s journey after attending an outpatient clinic for counseling to begin her sober life. Pumpkin asked June to stay for inpatient therapy and June refused, stating she would rather do an outpatient program.