June 19, 2020
WWE Rumors: Female Superstar Reportedly Tests Positive For COVID-19

Citing Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Sportskeeda has reported that an unnamed WWE developmental talent tested positive for COVID-19 earlier this week.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the case recently became public knowledge, though the gender of the superstar hadn't been confirmed at the time. While Meltzer couldn't name the superstar, he confirmed that she hasn't been featured on any WWE shows since joining the company. However, she has reportedly been used as an audience member during recent tapings of the weekly shows, and last appeared on June 9.

The revelation caused WWE to test every employee for the coronavirus on Wednesday, which resulted in the cancellation of this week's Friday Night SmackDown tapings. According to Meltzer, no other superstars have tested positive so far. This will come as a relief to WWE employees, as some superstars have been physically interacting with the stand-in crowd. It is believed that the backstage area has been in a chaotic state as a result of the recent news and subsequent tests.

This marks the company's second confirmed coronavirus case. A backstage employee contracted the illness earlier this year, though it reportedly didn't happen while they were on WWE duty. However, the confirmed cases will undoubtedly raise more questions as to whether WWE should be continuing to put on shows during the pandemic. Both WWE and All Elite Wrestling have been pre-taping and airing weekly programming throughout lockdown, even though other sporting competitions went on hiatus.

WWE doesn't plan on taking a break. As documented by Forbes, the company issued a statement earlier this week about the coronavirus case. According to the statement, the company will continue to press ahead with business as usual.
"Since [the coronavirus case was confirmed], no other individuals that attended the facility have reported symptoms. However, out of an abundance of caution and to ensure the health and safety of the company's performers and staff, all talent, production crew and employees on-site at the training and production facilities will be tested for COVID-19 immediately. Following the test results, WWE plans to proceed with its normal television production schedule."
As the Sportskeeda report highlights, the company has reportedly only been checking the temperatures of its talents and crew members until now. Now that a second COVID-19 case has been confirmed, the company appears to be doing more thorough testing. Several superstars even took to social media earlier this week and posted videos of their experiences.