Fitness Trainer Kayla Itsines Wears Black Sports Bra & Shorts For Plyometric Workout Video

Kayla Itsines takes a mirror selfie at the gym.
Kayla Itsines / Instagram

Fitness trainer Kayla Itsines posted a new workout video to popular social media site Instagram on Thursday, June 18. In the clip, she demonstrated several plyometric exercises that her trainees could use to increase their strength and speed.

For the workout, the Australian native chose an all-black outfit that consisted of a sports bra and shorts. The top included a low neckline and an open-back design with crossing straps that showed off plenty of the trainer’s upper body, drawing the eye to her sculpted arms, upper back, and shoulders, in addition to her toned abs. The shorts rose low on Kayla’s hips and extended to just below her backside, leaving the length of her toned, lean legs on display.

Kayla completed the outfit with a pair of white sneakers and a silver exercise watch. She wore her long, brunette hair up in a high ponytail that trailed down her back. She also appeared to have added a bit of black mascara and lip gloss to make her facial features pop.

The plyometric workout consisted of five different moves. Kayla specified in the caption of the post that she wouldn’t incorporate all of the exercises into one circuit but would rather add some of the moves into a more varied workout as the constant jumping can get tiring. The trainer carried out the circuit in a living space complete with a gray carpet, small table, chair, and other decorative items in the background. She used a black exercise mat for equipment and relied on body weight for resistance.

Kayla began the routine with a move involving burpees and tuck jumps. This move built on the common burpee by adding an extra jump as Kayla stood back up. She moved into clap push-ups next — as she came out of each push-up, she attempted to clap her hands together at her chest. The third exercise was the reverse lunge and hop. Kayla moved one leg backward into a lunge and then swung it up into a hop as she came out of it.

The final two exercises that Kayla demonstrated were the jump squat and broad jump. The squat involved a tuck jump as Kayla pushed up on her legs. With the broad jump, the fitness trainer kept her legs together as she jumped as far forward as possible.

In the caption of the post, Kayla told her followers that plyometric exercises can be incorporated into all fitness routines regardless of individual goals. The video earned over 16,000 likes and nearly 300 comments within the first day.