CNN Slams Donald Trump After He Shares Racially Charged Fake Video Of Toddlers, Tells President To ‘Be Better’

Donald Trump waves at a rally.

Donald Trump is coming under fire after sharing a manipulated and racially charged video of two toddlers — one that uses edited clips to accuse CNN of publishing “fake news.”

Late on Thursday, Trump tweeted a doctored video that used footage originally included a story that captured viral attention last year. The clip showed two toddlers — one white and the other black — who were best friends. The video showed the two running to embrace, but Trump’s version made it appear as if the white toddler was instead chasing his black friend. The video included a fake CNN graphic that made it appear as if it were CNN that purposely manipulated the video, which was then shown correctly at the end.

As CNN reported, the network did accurately show the full and correct version of the video when covering the story in 2019. The graphics on the video shared by Trump, which read “Terrified toddler runs from racist baby” and “Racist baby probably a Trump supporter,” were both faked.

“America is not the problem. Fake news is,” a graphic on Trump’s manipulated video read.

Trump’s tweet was labeled as manipulated media by Twitter, which added a link to the bottom that informed users that the video had been doctored.

The cable news network released a statement blasting Trump for the manipulated video, appearing to borrow language from his wife’s campaign against bullying on social media in calling on him to “be better.”

“CNN did cover this story – but exactly as it happened. Just as CNN has reported your positions on race (and your poll numbers),” the statement read, referencing a cease and desist letter Trump sent to CNN after the network published a poll showing Trump trailing Joe Biden. “We’ll continue working with facts and invite you to do the same, rather than tweeting fake videos that exploit innocent children. Be better.”

Others called out Trump for the fake video, including journalist Alphonso Van Marsh, who wrote on Twitter that the president’s tweet was a “bizarre race-baiting” video.

As CNN noted, the video was credited to a Twitter user named @CarpeDonktum, who makes memes and faked videos supporting Trump, often earning retweets from the president. As The Inquisitr reported, the user garnered controversy last year for publishing a violent video showing Trump murdering journalists, a video that was shown during a three-day conference from the pro-Trump group American Priority in an event at the president’s Doral Miami resort. The video, which was edited from the movie Kingsman, led to Carpe Donktum being suspended from Twitter briefly last year.