Yaslen Clemente Squats Low In Peach Leggings For New Lower Body Workout

Yaslen Clemente focused on training her lower body in the most recent video series on her Instagram page.

The fitness model worked out at a gym in each clip and rocked a pair of peach leggings, a black waist trainer and a white tank top as she powered through her circuit.

In the first clip, Yaslen completed a set of repetitions on a thigh abduction machine. This required her to spread her knees as she pushed the weighted handles backward.

Yaslen assumed a wide-legged stance in the next clip and held a weight plate in front of her as she leaned forward and then moved back to an upright position.

In the third clip of the series, the blond bombshell headed to the cable machine for a set of glute kickbacks. She attached the cable weight to her ankle for this one and then swung that behind her.

The fourth video captured her at the Smith Machine for a set of sumo squats. Yaslen spread her legs wide for this one and positioned herself under the barbell as she bent her knees to complete her repetitions.

And finally, in the last clip of the series, Yaslen used a barbell for a set of squat variations that required her to keep one leg elevated on what appeared to be a resistance ball.

The post amassed close to 10,000 likes in an hour and nearly 150 Instagram users have commented on it so far. In the comments section, one fan professed their love for Yaslen.

"My beautiful Yaslen, you are my love, my great and only love," they wrote. "I love you so much."

Other Instagram users were just as effusive with their praise for Yaslen's physique.

"Wow yass. You looking very POWERFUL dam girl. Hell yes. Rock-solid," a second admirer gushed.

But one commenter asked why Yaslen wasn't wearing a mask in the video and shared their concerns about the spread of coronavirus.

"It's not required to work out with mask," Yaslen replied. "Just to walk in, out and to use the restroom."

In a previous Instagram photo, Yaslen flaunted the results of her workouts in an outfit that showed off her toned and shapely physique. That image captured her in a multicolored sports bra and matching shorts with ruching on the sides.

"Never forget to always work on yourself physically & mentally," she wrote in the caption before including a red heart emoji.