June 19, 2020
'The Challenge: Total Madness' Reunion Spoilers: Seven Cast Members Reportedly Missing

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Challenge: Total Madness reunion.

Season 35 of The Challenge is nearing its end and the reunion wrapped filming as of Tuesday. Spoilers are already out and it's been rumored that seven cast members were not present for the taping, which was done virtually due to COVID-19. Total Madness had a total of 28 competitors, but only 21 reportedly made it to the Zoom meeting, which was hosted by Vernon Davis.

PinkRose, a notable Challenge insider, shared the gossip on the show's Vevmo page, where she has posted spot-on spoilers for years. According to the mystery source, Dee Nguyen, Rogan O'Connor, Jordan Wiseley, Stephen Bear, Mattie Lynn Breaux, Jennifer Lee, and Asaf Goren were all missing from the reunion. Jennifer and Asaf's absence shouldn't be surprising, as the first few players eliminated from the show don't usually make it to the reunion, since they don't have much to discuss and can't contribute much to the conversation.

Dee's absence was also expected after MTV made an announcement last week that they would be severing ties with her due to her insensitive comments about the Black Lives Matter movement. The network has edited Dee out of most of the show since her firing, which even cut down one episode by 30 minutes.

Rogan commented earlier this week that he would be missing the group reunion because he would be recovering from dental surgery and would be on a lot of medication when filming occurred. He did shoot an individual portion prior to Tuesday, so he won't be entirely absent from the edited special.

The big shocks when it comes to absences are Bear, Jordan, and Mattie. Since Dee was let go last week, there has been an outcry on Twitter for MTV to cut ties with Jordan as well, for his past racist behavior towards Nia Moore. In his Real World season from 2012, Jordan made monkey noises toward Nia, his black female co-star, during a heated fight. He also spit in her face and used the N-word. At the time of this publishing, MTV has not announced a statement regarding Jordan's past antics. He and Nia are friendly today after working things out and recently did an Instagram live together. His absence from the reunion has some fans wondering if MTV has really axed him and just hasn't made an official announcement yet.

Mattie had some former tweets resurface as well where she used the N-word several times. While some of her tweets were quotes from song lyrics, including one from "She Will" by Lil Wayne, others did not appear to be. As with Jordan, there has been no announcement regarding her future with the network.

Bear missing from the reunion might be the biggest mystery, however, especially since his storyline with Kailah Casillas was one of the most dramatic of the season. Some viewers have suggested that Bear has made inappropriate comments on social media in the past, but they have not included evidence of such conduct.

Challenge fans are hoping there will be some sort of explanation for the missing cast members when the reunion airs at the end of the season.