Ashleigh Jordan Smashes Inner Thigh Workout In Bright Blue Leggings

Ashleigh Jordan poses for a selfie.
Ashleigh Jordan / Instagram

Ashleigh Jordan focused on toning her inner thighs during the most recent video series she uploaded on her Instagram page.

Dressed in a flattering pair of bright blue leggings and a white crop top, the blond bombshell started her workout with a set of sumo heel lifts. For this exercise, she assumed a wide-legged stance, raising the heel of one foot then lowering it. She repeated the exercise with the opposite leg. In her caption, she recommended doing three sets of 20 repetitions.

Next, she moved on to a set of inner thigh circles. She laid down on her side and crossed one leg over the other. She slowly rotated her lower leg in a clockwise direction. Her caption also suggested twenty repetitions per set for this one.

Ashleigh added a dumbbell to her workout for the next video, which showed her doing a set of Cossack squats. Much like the first video of the series, she spread her legs wide for the exercise. She held the weight horizontally beneath her chin, then slowly bent her knee, shifting her weight in its direction and keeping her opposite leg straight. She recommended doing three sets of 15 repetitions on each leg.

She ended the workout with a set of plank sliders. With a black disk beneath the toes of one foot, Ashleigh swung her leg to the side while she held the plank position. After she returned that foot to its original position, she repeated the exercise with the same leg. This exercise got the same rep recommendation as the previous one.

The post amassed over 10,000 likes in one hour. Close to 100 Instagram users have commented on it, with some fans expressing they were intimidated by the workout’s apparent difficulty.

“I think I got sore just watching this,” one person wrote, before adding a surprised face and flexed bicep emoji to their comment.

Others were more focused on complimenting Ashleigh’s toned physique.

“Your body is amazing and so strong. You must follow a strict meal plan on top of all this exercise,” remarked a second Instagram user.

But several commenters seemed entranced by her blue leggings, which were from her athleisure line NVGTN.

“Your outfit is perfect!!! The try-on haul got me so pumped,” a third fan chimed in, referencing a video that Ashleigh uploaded to Instagram a day ago.

“Ok WOW I cannot wait to buy these leggings…” gushed a fourth admirer. “Woeweee gonna try these exercises my next leg day.”