‘Big Brother’ Breakup: Jackson Michie & Holly Allen Call It Quits Just Months After Moving In Together

Jackson Michie and Holly Allen attend the Monster Energy Supercross VIP Event
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Another Big Brother couple has split, as Jackson Michie and Holly Allen from Season 21 have ended their romance. The two met last summer in the BB21 house and continued their relationship in the real world. Now, however, both Jackson and Holly have now confirmed that they have gone their separate ways.

Holly posted about the split Thursday evening on her Instagram page. The photo that Holly shared showed just her, and the geotag noted that it was taken in Lander, Wyoming. She wore workout gear and had her dark hair pulled back into a ponytail, with her eyes closed and arms stretched out wide over her head.

In her caption, Holly noted that she knew that having her personal life in the spotlight meant that she ultimately felt an obligation to share this personal update. She said that as of Thursday, she was starting a new adventure, and added that sometimes growth was hard but necessary.

The Big Brother star also said that sometimes growth happens alone, and that’s what she planned to be doing. In addition, Holly wrote that she wouldn’t change the experiences she had with Jackson. However, she also noted that sometimes there are fundamental character traits that don’t align and priorities that don’t sync up.

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I’d much rather keep certain life updates to myself, but I understand that I put my personal life in the spotlight because I chose to play a game last summer that just so happened to be on television. Full transparency – the publicity been weird to navigate. But so many of you have been immensely wonderful and supportive and I appreciate you more than I think I can ever express. So for that, I feel like I owe you this. It’s not easy, so please bear with me. Here goes! A year ago I started a wild new adventure. Today, I start another adventure. Growth is sometimes hard, but necessary. Growth sometimes happens alone. And that’s what I’ll be doing. Yes, I’ve had the opportunity to meet a person to conquer life with for a while. Yes, I had an amazing partner in that game I played. And I wouldn’t change the experiences for the world. But some things are not meant to go beyond that. Sometimes fundamental character traits simply don’t line up. Priorities don’t match. And that’s ok. This past year has been the hardest to date and has taught me about sense of self, security in who I am, and what I want for my future. I know I cannot compromise my own integrity. I know that I’m proud of myself, my accomplishments, and my roots. I know the spirit and the inspiration that I look for in people I surround myself with. I know what I deserve. And I’m excited for this new chapter and where it will lead me. Right now, I’m hurting. But hey, pain is only temporary. Thank you all for going through the ups and downs with me! And please. I know we’ve been forced to go through this publicly, but we are human. We hurt and we bleed. Please try to spare the criticism. And don’t worry, I’ll always be Sahara’s mom. Nobody can take that away from me. Now buckle up, future. I’m comin’ for ya!

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Holly also said that the past year had been the hardest she’d ever had. She explained that she eventually got to a point where she could not compromise her integrity and now she knew what she deserved. The Big Brother runner-up said that she is hurting now, but that is excited about this new chapter in her life.

Jackson shared a post on his Instagram page shortly after Holly’s. It included a photo of him with Holly, and he referred to her as an amazing woman.

He said that there were no bad words or actions that led to the split, just that the two of them had recognized that a relationship together wasn’t for the best. He said that they loved each other deeply and that Holly would always hold a special place in his heart.

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Life works in crazy ways, and this past year has been no exception. Through the ups, the downs, the highs, and the lows.. there has been one constant through it all and that‘s the amazing woman standing next to me. Life has continued to work in ways neither of expected, and sadly life will be taking us in different directions. This isn’t because of bad actions or words, rather, two people who deeply love each other recognizing that a relationship may not be for the best. I said it on the show and I will say it always, I love her and she will forever hold a special place in my heart. This post is something that neither of us wanted to share, but given the circumstances of our relationship and how things started it only seems appropriate to offer an answer once and for all. Please respect our wishes for privacy on the matter and understand that we are both going through significant life changes and monumental events in our individual lives separate from this. We love our supporters, we love big brother, and we couldn’t be more thankful for everyone along the way who has stood behind us and helped us forward. Day 75 holls. Always.

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Us Weekly noted that there had already been some breakup rumors swirling about the BB21 winner and runner-up. During Jackson’s birthday on June 13, he was seen partying with fellow Big Brother alum Brett Robinson in Las Vegas. In addition, Holly didn’t make any kind of public social media post wishing her beau a happy birthday.

After continuing their romance outside of the house last summer, Jackson and Holly moved into a place together in Los Angeles in January. At the time, the couple said they were best friends, had a lot of fun together, and communicated well.

The announcement of the split came less than a week after Jackson issued a public apology online over a post he’d made regarding the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Jackson and Holly’s breakup announcement also comes in the midst of a lot of rumors swirling regarding a possible All-Star Season 22 cast for this summer.

Big Brother fans may end up doing some reading between the lines when it comes to both Holly and Jackson’s Instagram posts, but neither is saying anything more specific for now. This announcement comes just a couple of months after another Season 21 pair, Kat Dunn and Nick Maccarone, revealed that they had called it quits as well.