Rachel Dillon Tackles At-Home Full-Body Circuit In Black Bandeau Top And Blue Joggers

Rachel Dillon poses for a selfie
Rachel Dillon / Instagram

Bikini fitness champion Rachel Dillon uploaded a full-body workout to her Instagram page on Thursday. In the shared post, the brunette beauty rocked a black bandeau top with mesh panels at the back. She paired the flattering strapless top with blue joggers and black socks.

Rachel started the workout with a set of decline pushups. For this exercise, she placed her feet on a chair as she performed her reps. In her caption, Rachel recommended including eight repetitions in a set.

Rachel remained in the same position for a set of shoulder taps. As the name suggests, the exercise required her to lightly touch each shoulder with the opposite hand, as she held herself up with her arms. In her caption, she recommended doing 20 repetitions per set.

Next, she got down onto her elbows so that she could hold a plank position. After that, she got on her hands and knees for vacuums. This move required her to expand her abdomen when she inhaled and contract it when she exhaled.

She used the chair once more for her next exercise, a set of elevated single-leg Romanian deadlifts. She bent one knee on the seat behind her and then leaned forward.

Rachel tackled a set of frog squats for the next video. She started in an extreme wide-legged squat position with her elbows placed on her knees and her hands clasped. Then she bent forward and straightened her legs as she raised her bottom in the air.

Rachel lay with her back flat on the ground for the glute bridges that followed. For this exercise, she bent her knees and placed her heels on the seat of her chair. Then she raised her hips. Next, she repeated the exercise with one leg raised.

After that, she ended the workout with a set of box jumps which meant that she had to leap onto the chair and bend her knees as she landed.

In the comments section, Rachel’s fans seemed enthralled by her advanced level of physical fitness.

“You make this look so easy it’s actually insane,” one person wrote. “SUCH AMAZING FORM.”

“Girl you are BRAVE for jumping with socks on,” another fan added before including a crying emoji in their comment. “Can’t stop admiring your core.”

But several users seemed more focused on her outfit.

“That outfit!!!” a third supporter wrote. “always looking like a goddess.”

“Omg your strapless top!!!!! Where can we get that????” a fourth commenter gushed.