Creator Of Netflix's 'Dark' Teases Fans With A Surprise Update Ahead Of Season 3 Launch

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Season 3 of Netflix's German-language time-traveling series Dark will premiere on June 27. A trailer was released along with the announcement three weeks ago, but now one of the series creators has teased something else as well.

Earlier today, Baran bo Odar posted a cryptic message to his official Instagram account. The image showed a scene from Dark with giant red letters spelling out "19 hr" emblazoned across it.

This was very similar to the way in which the Season 3 premiere date was announced. This means that viewers are now eagerly counting down the hours to find out what the exciting new announcement will be.

Before the premiere announcement was made, viewers were expecting a delay to the final installment thanks to current social distancing rules regarding the coronavirus pandemic. This has led to production halts and delays on TV series across networks. However, Odar was able to go ahead and finish post-production work on his own, and the previous similar announcement from his account gave viewers the news that they wanted to hear regarding the Season 3 premiere date.

With that update along with a new trailer, fans were not expecting any further announcements until the remaining episodes dropped and they could sit down and binge watch them. This makes the new post a startling revelation, and fans have been speculating heavily on what it might mean.

"Another trailer," one follower assumed when discussing it on Twitter.

"Oh maybe they'll drop the Season 3 intro," another person speculated.

"The apocalypse," a third user said.

In the TV series, the apocalypse occurs on June 27, 2020, which is why viewers were not surprised that the third season would drop on Netflix on that date. However, in 19 hours from the time of Odor posting his Instagram pic, it will not be June 27, so it seems that this assumption is incorrect.

It will be nearly a week out from new episodes dropping, so a new trailer -- or even a poster -- seems the most likely option. However, some fans offered up an interesting theory that perhaps an episode a day will drop considering there are eight episodes in total for the final season of Dark.

"I'd love an early release... one episode per day, so the finale gets released before the world ends in the [apocalypse] on Jun 27th," a person on Reddit stated.

Of course, all of this is mere speculation and viewers will just have to wait until Odar or Netflix makes another announcement in a few hours' time.