'Baker And The Beauty' Star Nathalie Kelley Slams ABC For 'Extremely Tone Deaf' Cancellation

Nathalie Kelley, former star of the now-canceled drama Baker and the Beauty, has slammed ABC for the "extremely tone deaf" axing of the series after only one season, TVLine reported on Thursday.

In a new statement, Kelley said that "representation" is currently more important than ever for "Black and brown people of color."

According to the 34-year-old actress, "how we are represented on our television shows determines how society sees us, and the empathy and support they will grant our communities."

Kelley lamented that many Latin people are frequently "depicted as narcos and maids" in Hollywood, which can affect "voters when they go to the polls and elect leaders who will decide on the fate of immigrants."

She felt that Baker and the Beauty was one of the few positive depictions of Latin families on television since it showed them "as warm, lovable, full of joy and compassion and humor."

"A cancellation by ABC means that there are now no shows on the networks with a Latinx cast."
Kelley concluded her statement by mentioning the ongoing protests against racism around the world, noting that in light of people asking for reform and change, it seemed like a poor decision on the network's part to cancel a show sporting a diverse cast.

Adding fuel to the fire is that the network previously canceled another summer series with a primarily Latin cast last year. Grand Hotel was similarly canceled after only one season, leading to a vocal outcry from its many viewers.

Kelley took to her social media to encourage fans to sign petitions to potentially have another network or streaming service pick up Baker and the Beauty for a second season.

Her Twitter feed has been primarily filled with calls to action for viewers to sign petitions and let their voices be heard to "send a message to these platforms that diversity matters."

The ex-Dynasty star also retweeted an article from Celebrity Kind, stating that other notable actresses such as Eva Longoria -- who served as an executive producer on Grand Hotel -- and Zoe Saldana were calling for ABC to give Baker and the Beauty a second chance.

Longoria took to her Instagram to share a plea with her 7.9 million followers for the series to get picked up.

Adding salt to the wound is the fact the show's first season finale ended with what TVLine dubbed a "doozy of a cliffhanger." If the show is not rescued, fans will be forced to live with an unfinished ending.

Luckily for Kelley and the other cast members, fans seem to have taken her request for action seriously as there has been an outpouring of love for Baker and the Beauty all over social media since the cancellation announcement.