Whitney Simmons Flaunts Toned Physique In Gray Sports Bra And Leggings For New Ab Workout

Whitney Simmons poses for a selfie
Whitney Simmons / Instagram

Whitney Simmons added a new ab workout to her Instagram page on Thursday, and her fans are giving it rave reviews in the comments section.

For the six-part circuit, Whitney rocked a gray sports bra and matching biker shorts. She started the workout with a series of swimmer crunches. For this exercise, she lay on her back but kept her knees raised and her feet planted on the floor. With her hands wrapped around each other at the wrists, she raised her torso and lowered it.

Next, Whitney moved on to spider crunches. She assumed a plank position for this one and then raised one knee to the side and then returned it to its original position. After that, she repeated the exercise on the other side.

Whitney held the plank for the next exercise in the circuit but this time she raised each arm and lowered it.

Next, the model tackled a set of reverse crunches. She lay on her back for this one and kept her arms at her sides. Then she raised her leg toward her upper body until her pelvis was lifted as well.

“Time to make your lower core cry now,” read a line of yellow text at the bottom of the video.

Whitney combined sit-ups and front punches next and followed that with a set of standing alternating oblique crunches. She started the latter exercise with her torso leaning to one side and her arms above her head. Then, she lifted the opposite knee toward her upper body and lowered her arms.

In her caption, Whitney wrote that each exercise should be done in intervals of 20 seconds, which means that the circuit should be two minutes long in its entirety. She encouraged her followers to avoid resting between exercises and to repeat the circuit after they’re done.

The video has been viewed more than 250,000 times as of this writing, and over 750 Instagram users have commented on it so far. In those comments, fans shared their appreciation for the video, with more than one user calling Whitney an inspiration.

“You seriously lookin [fire emoji]” one person wrote. “Thank you for being such a positive motivator.”

“When I’m feeling low on motivation mid-afternoon & I scroll to find this killer workout! I’m ready to go sweat it out,” a second individual gushed. “Love this new filming style so cute.”

Others vouched for how challenging the workout was.

“Just did this workout and the back one from yesterday and a girl is on [fire emoji]” a third commenter added.

“Added this to my workout today and those swimmer crunches got me good!” a fourth follower remarked.