Gabrielle Union Shares Sizzling-Hot Bikini Shots Taken By Stepdaughter Zaya Wade

Dwyane Wade, Zaya Wade and Gabrielle Union attend the Better Brothers Los Angeles 6th annual Truth Awards
Andrew Toth / Getty Images

Gabrielle Union will grace the new cover of Self magazine, and the photos were shot by someone very close to her — her stepdaughter Zaya Wade. On Thursday, the actress posted a handful of the images from the shoot to her Instagram page, including some snaps that did not make it to the magazine.

The most recent Instagram post of Gabrielle’s included a trio of stunning snaps. She noted that these were photos that didn’t make the cut for her feature, but were those she clearly felt were incredible shots.

The photos show Gabrielle wearing what appears to be a patterned red-and-white bikini. The trio of snapshots showed her from the chest up, but in the first one, a hint of her bare torso was visible just under the band of the top. The actress stood in a pool and had her arms resting on top of her head as she gazed intently toward the camera.

Apparently, Zaya shot each of these, as well as all of the others included in the Self feature. In a post that Gabrielle shared a bit earlier in the day, she revealed a handful of images and made it clear she was incredibly proud of her stepdaughter.

Zaya, 13, is an aspiring photographer and this was her first cover. Gabrielle observed how illuminating it was to see herself through Zaya’s eyes, and she added that she was grateful they had this opportunity.

The photo that was chosen as the cover shot featured Gabrielle wearing a blazer and wide-legged pants. It appeared that she was topless and braless underneath the blazer and she looked fierce as she struck a pose. Other photos used in the magazine feature showed Gabrielle in gorgeous dresses, as well as a high-waisted bikini.

People went crazy for these Instagram posts of Gabrielle’s. Her fans were clearly impressed with both her phenomenal physique, as well as Zaya’s talent. The swimwear-focused post received nearly 80,000 likes in just the first hour after it had been added to Gabrielle’s page, along with almost 600 comments.

“These DIDNT make the cut?!? you are GORGEOUS!!” one person wrote.

“Breathtaking,” a fan noted.

“Talented daughter, look at these pictures,” someone else shared.

“Hott damn Mrs Wade.. it makes my cut,” another follower detailed.

As anybody who follows Gabrielle or her husband Dwyane Wade knows, Zaya has a lot of support at home. They recently celebrated Zaya’s 13th birthday, and have been quite vocal in standing by her since she came out as transgender a few months ago. This photoshoot is just the latest way that Gabrielle has shown her unwavering support for her stepdaughter, and she just happened to end up with some incredible bikini snaps in the process.